How to Increase Sales Instagram has quickly become one of those marketing-centric phrases that everyone has heard of and thinks is essential, but no one understands.

Allow us to make things easier for you via growth hacking. Instagram is the practice of applying a range of short marketing techniques to gain maximum online visibility. This could be for a person, a product, or a service, and it usually entails a lot of trial and error.

One of the “rapid marketing methods” mentioned previously is none other than Instagram, which is where we come in. We’ve opted to produce a concise template for hacking Instagram marketing in less than 48 hours because many of this blog’s most active users are growth hackers wanting to restrict the “error” side of the trial-and-error formula.

Although it is by no means a simple procedure, the following six pointers should get you well on your way to developing an outstanding Instagram marketing campaign in under two days. So, what exactly are you waiting for? It’s time to get down to business.

Step #1: Identify Your Business’ Niche – Instagram Growth Hack

This may appear obvious, right? Unfortunately, far too many misguided growth hackers flock to Instagram and start posting without a plan. Yes, you want speedy results, but you’ll need to focus on your brand’s niche to obtain the appropriate results quickly.

This question’s broad, all-encompassing answer should be evident, but don’t stop there. Take it a step further by considering the less visible causes that your company supports. You’ll soon have a specific space to target on Instagram if you continue to ask and answer questions about your company’s interests.

Do you need an example? We’ve taken care of everything.

The Instagram account of American Express is thriving. The organization deals in finance, which isn’t exactly thrilling. American Express, on the other hand, has made Instagram marketing work by focusing nearly entirely on something that matters to them: individuals who spend money.

Step #2: Download a photo editor and push high-quality photos.

Both of these things are critical. Let’s start with the requirement for huge, high-quality photographs. Instagram now has around 1 billion active users, which is a huge number. While this is excellent news for digital marketers and growth hackers, it also means one thing: the market is crowded.

To stand out and develop your Instagram following, you’ll need to promote just the best photographs. Seriously, the odds are already stacked against you as a brand. You’ll hear crickets if you don’t have aesthetically interesting photographs, no matter how much effort you put into Instagram.

But how exactly do you go about creating incredible images? Great question and this is where a good photo editor comes in handy. You can turn grainy, everyday smartphone photographs into something incredibly gorgeous with VSCO, Aviary, or Afterlight.

And don’t be afraid to play around with it. To keep fans interested in what your account is up to, experiment with different photo themes and filters. Though each stage of this process is critical if you must skip something, make sure it has nothing to do with the marketing of high-quality images or the download of a reputable photo editor. Both are critical for Instagram growth hacking…

Step #3: Select the Appropriate Hashtags

Enough with the #ThrowbackThursday and #NoFilter hashtags, which are being used by everyone and their dog. You’ll want to include a few hashtags with each post if you want to stand out immediately, but not just any hashtag will do…

Choose hashtags that are relevant to your brand yet won’t get lost in the shuffle of what everyone else is doing on Instagram. Are #TBT and #PhotoOfTheDay hashtags being used by your brand’s potential customers?

Yes, but the vast majority of those who utilize them are uninterested in your business. So, go back to step one and perform research on the most useful hashtags your specific niche has to offer to make your efforts more effective.

Step #4: Expand Your Instagram Following by Following Others

Jaw-dropping material won’t help you grow your Instagram following. For Instagram to work for your brand, you’ll need people to not only follow your account but also interact with your posts (the more the merrier). You’ll need to start following folks to get the ball rolling. 

Follow the biggest, most influential accounts, mentioning the niche you’ve previously developed. What exactly are these? If there’s an account you’d like to emulate in the months and years ahead, follow it.

The next step is to follow their followers. After all, they are the accounts that are interested in the niche of your brand. Though not everyone will return the favor, you’ll gradually but steadily acquire a loyal following.

Keep going—they’ll always come…

Step #5: Use a Tool Like Skweezer – Buy Instagram Followers

But what about those accounts who refuse to follow you back? It’s simple—unfollow them. It seems simple enough, but if you’re trying to boost your Instagram presence by buying followers from various services, it can be difficult to keep track of the followers’ authenticity and engagement levels.

This is why you should consider using a solution like Skweezer. is a valuable tool for managing your Instagram followers, especially if you’ve decided to purchase followers to enhance your online presence. Using the app, you can differentiate between real and bought followers, see who’s actively engaging with your content, and identify any accounts that might have gone inactive over time. When it comes to managing your purchased Instagram followers, there’s no better or more affordable tool available.

Step #6: Don’t Stop Liking Other People’s Photos

We’ve discussed likes, but what we’re trying to communicate is that you need to be interested in what other people are posting. The quickest method to engage is to like other people’s posts, although comments and direct messages will also work.

This can be a time-consuming task, but the more often you’re ready to jump into the thick of Instagram marketing, the faster your account will expand—trust us, there’s no better method to grow an Instagram account than through user interaction.

Repeat the process.

It’s been a few days now, and you’re ready to go, right? If things were that straightforward when it came to Instagram growth hacking.

You’ve set up an account, generated some high-quality content, and amassed a few hundred followers, which is excellent, but it’s far from enough to start driving traffic and producing purchases. Yes, Instagram is by far the most versatile social media platform for digital marketing, but you’ll need to give it some time to work. As a result, repeat the preceding procedures until you understand what all the commotion is about.

Soon, you’ll be seeing Instagram’s tried-and-true ROI delivered again and time again.