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Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQ to find answers to your questions. Like many Instagrammers, turn to us to buy USA Instagram likes. Our customer service is always available to provide any additional help.

When will I receive my likes?

We start delivering your likes as soon as we receive your payment. Your order will then be delivered within the time shown on the service page.

Do you need my password to send the likes?

No, we will never ask for your password for any reason. Your profile will stay safe from any external threats.

Will the purchased likes help increase my likes organically?

Absolutely. People are drawn to popular things, especially on social media networks. Your organic likes will skyrocket as visitors see you as a valuable account.

Is it safe to buy likes?

Yes. Our site is protected with a top-of-the-line SSL certificate, so your information is secure when you purchase.

How many likes should I buy?

There’s no right answer; it depends on your content. You can buy 100, 500 or even 100,000 likes at a time.

Can I be banned if I buy likes for my posts?

No, you cannot be banned. These are just likes, and there is nothing illegal about it.

How is a like counted?

Every time a user likes a photo or video, it counts as a like.

Do multiple likings count as individual likes on Instagram?

No. If someone likes your posts multiple times, each new liking is not counted as a new like.

Can I get a refund?

You can get a refund if we cannot deliver the service on time. Check out our refund policy for more details.

How can I increase my Instagram likes?

You can increase your likes on Instagram by using hashtags, collaborating with other users, posting regularly, and sharing on other platforms.

My Instagram post has 0 likes. Did I do something wrong?

If your new post still has 0 likes after a while, people aren’t watching your profile. Buying likes will fix the problem.

Can I also buy likes for TikTok?

Not yet, we will offer Tiktok likes very soon.


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