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How it works

Our system automatically detects new posts on your Instagram profile, and sends real likes to them. Views are included for free. Create a custom package below.
No subscription, no hidden fees. Grow your engagement today!

NEW! You can now change the delivery speed

Choose amount of likes (views included for free)

This is the amount of likes and views you get on each post

Choose amount of posts

On how many future posts do you want to get likes and views?
You will receive 250 likes on each of the next 30 posts you upload.

Total: $25

After 30 posts have received likes, the service will stop delivering. You can then order again if you wish to do so. This service does not renew automatically.
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Frequently asked questions

How fast will the likes and views come?

You can decide the delivery speed. Some clients want to receive the likes and views instantly after posting, and some want to spread it out a little to make things seem more natural. That's why we now let our clients decide for themselves. Just change the delivery speed setting during checkout.

What happens after I run out of posts?

You can choose an amount of future posts you want to receive likes and views on. For example: 60. If you have uploaded all 60 posts, and all of them have gotten the likes and views, we will stop delivering. You will not be charged again, as this is a one-time payment service. You can choose to purchase another package at any time if you wish to do so.

Will this put my account at risk?

No. Your Instagram account will be totally safe. The likes and views you'll receive come from real people connected to our network. Other websites offer likes which actually just come from bot accounts created by automated software.

Will I lose the likes and views?

No. You will keep the likes and views on your posts forever (unless you delete the post). Even if your package is finished, and all posts within your package have been uploaded, you will still keep the likes and views you already received on previous posts.

Rated ★★★★★ based on 9 recent reviews



This is a very innovative service, as it makes it seem like you have active fans that just like and view your posts. Great job

06 apr 2018

Very satisfied


I use Skweezer regularly to boost the presence of my clothing boutique on Instagram. It's quite hard to stand out from the masses, and Skweezer just gives me that extra touch. Very satisfied with the services so far!

19 mar 2018

Doubted at first


Amazing delivery, at first I doubted it was real and after my first received likes, I opted for more. Excellent service

14 mar 2018

Fast & easy


great service! pretty self-explanatory. you purchase what you need, and they delivered. fast & easy!

12 mar 2018



By far the best company selling IG followers out there. Good quality followers that actually stay instead of unfollowing straight after they get paid. I buy a package every now and then whenever my IG needs a little boost. Buying these followers has brought me so many sponsors as they like to see big numbers.

12 mar 2018



Skweezer always delivers quality and consistent work! Their customer support is super responsive and I love seeing my clients Instagram accounts grow and flourish in an organic and safe way. I highly recommend using them to grow your brand and business on Instagram.

11 mar 2018

Fast processing


Fast processing of order and delivered my Followers within the hour after payment was processed - Subsequent post rapidly receive the promised number of likes. Beyond excellent service. Could not recommend more!

27 feb 2018

Awesome experience


Awesome experience. Fast delivery and responsive. Wonderful follow up and value added services. Highly recommended and you should give it a try! ?

27 feb 2018

Receiving as planned


My IG is Decoration_StoriesI purchased a package of 500 followers and likes. I'm receiving tha followers regularly as planned (50 per day) but I don't get the extra likes (I think).

27 feb 2018

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Why buy Automatic Instagram Likes

No more hassle

Stop buying likes manually for each post you upload. Use our service and get likes and views automatically when you post. You can even set the delivery speed. Most people just don't have the time to go and buy likes every time they upload a post, that's why we have introduced this service.

Reach a bigger audience via the explore tab

When posts on Instagram receive a large amount of views and likes in a short period of time, they will get pushed to the 'explore' tab of Instagram. This means that your new post will be exposed to a large (and relevant) audience. This leads to getting more (real) followers!