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Our Free Instagram Tools

Follower Count Checker

Once your account reaches more than 10,000 followers, Instagram rounds down to the nearest hundred. So, you have no way of knowing exactly how many people are following you. Follower Count Checker gives you an up-to-date number, which you can track to understand whether you're gaining or losing followers.

Instagram Audit

Want to keep tabs on your Instagram follower count, likes and comments? Instagram Audit measures your account's engagement rate, which tells you how users are engaging with your content. It is the sum of the likes and comments divided by the total number of followers and multiplied by 100 to convert to a percentage.

Why Use Free Instagram Tools to Boost Your Business or Personal Brand?

Getting more Instagram followers can help you attract leads, grow brand visibility, and come across as trustworthy. But amassing followers organically takes time and sustained effort, both of which are in short supply for the busy entrepreneur or influencer. You should try Skweezer to grow your Instagram following and benefit from all the business opportunities that come with it.

Skweezer is the home of the best free Instagram tools. Our tools help you in three ways:

  • Increase your Instagram followers
  • Maintain a high engagement rate
  • Track your Instagram follower count

All of these functionalities make it easier to:

  • Create the right impression before your audience
  • Grow your real audience
  • Amass an audience on your other Instagram and social media accounts

Is it is safe to buy followers?

Not long ago, people believed that Instagram was a numbers game. An account with many followers was automatically perceived to be popular and valuable to whomever it served. When you dig a bit deeper, however, you found that barely any of the followers engaged with the account. News of Instagram's crackdown on bots and fake accounts put things into perspective.

Instagram continues being a numbers game and popular accounts are still viewed with more trust than handles with fewer followers. But people don't assume that more equals better. They go through comments and likes to get an idea of the true worth of an account to its followers.

Skweezer is NOT a tool to gain bot followers. We work with real humans that understand their role in helping optimize your Instagram account. You have nothing to worry. Sit back and rest assured that the work of creating an engaging IG account for you is happening in the background.


1. How will free followers help my business?

Quality followers will engage with your brand authentically. They will like your posts, comment on them, and may even tag another user in their comment. As engagement increases, your posts will receive more exposure on the website. When your posts have a greater chance of being seen by IG users, you're likely to gain more profile visits. This in turn can help grow your follower count and over time, your conversions.

2. Why do I need an "Instagram audit" report?

The Instagram algorithm looks at engagement metrics like comments, likes, reposts, and shares to decide how it wants to rank your content. Skweezer's Instagram Audit Reports helps you understand how your followers are interacting with you. If the engagement rate is low for the follower count you have, you can take steps to boost interactions on your page, with a poll, live broadcast or giveaway, among other tactics.

3. Isn't follower count a vanity metric?

Not really. A good number of quality followers will impact your engagement rate positively. You may attract click-throughs and conversions from followers that saw your posts in their feeds and searches. This is less difficult when you have the advantage of high engagement from the quality, active followers brought to you by our free Instagram tools. Also consider the possibility of followers that engage regularly in encouraging passive users to participate. Last but not the least, you'll want to show a decent number of followers when you first create your Instagram account. Free Followers Trial will get you off to a good start, but you want to build up from here and buy more Instagram followers from us.

4. How many times can I get the Audit Report?

There is no limit to the number of times you can use the Instagram Audit Report. You want to be able to track your engagement rate over time, and you can do it easily with our tool. It will allow you to make improvements and put engagement back on track as necessary.

5. How will Follower Count make a difference to my brand?

Whether you're an entrepreneur or influencer or both, you want to grab opportunities when they show up. An actual number of Instagram followers can work with your other marketing data to help you time the execution of strategies or think up new tactics to boost your income or influence. For example, you may decide to foray into affiliate marketing when your Instagram follower count hits a certain number. As an influencer, you can consider charging for your posts once you reach a milestone of 'x' followers.