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Instagram Downloader

A free Instagram downloader tool for any Instagram photo, video, reels, IGTV & Carousel. Simply enter the url of the post below and click on Download.

Social Media has become a part of the daily routine of every individual. Whether you are a business, influencer or a private account, you would want to create content regularly. Sometimes you create it while the other times you would just repost what others have shared. The Instagram mp4 downloader we are providing is going to help you with the same.

Download Instagram Photos and Videos

Skweezer built this Instagram downloader app for people like you. This tool is perfect to use for pages that repost content regularly or find content on other Instagram pages. It offers a solution to directly download any videos, reels, igtv, story, album or photos to Android, Desktop Computers and iOs devices mobiles. You simply have to paste the link and download instagram video directly. There is absolutely no need to download any app or pay for a subscription or tool to do so.

It is an apt solution if you want to keep variety in your content so that your audiences stay engaged. It will also help you build a network of like-minded people or similar businesses that would help increase your market value. Sometimes, you may want to download your own content which you haven't saved into your gallery. All it takes is a little browsing to explore the accurate content, copy and paste the link to get the instagram real video download stored into your phone or laptop.

Instagram post downloader

How It Works

Gone are the days when it wasn't really possible to convert the Instagram video to Mp4. skweezer has made it possible for you and it is as simple as copy and paste!

Follow these three simple steps to download videos or pictures from Instagram. Please see the description below.

Find Instagram Video
Find the post

On Instagram, find the photo or video you wish to download. It can be a photo on any public profile of Instagram or from the accounts that you are following. If you are looking for a photo of particular category, you can browse a little bit and find the post that you want to download.

Enter URL to Instagram Photo
Copy the post URL

Once you have found the post you wish to download, the next step is to copy its URL. You can find the link on the top bar, copy it and you would have to paste it on the Instagram video download bar. It can be a URL of the photo, video, carousel or IGTV; anything you wish to download.

Download Instagram Video
Download the post

Once you have the link of desired post, you are ready for Instagram real video download. All you have to do is enter the URL you have copied into the search bar of the Instagram video downloader and click on download.

What Kind Of Content Can You Download?

Photo Downloader

Skweezer's Instagram photo downloader is an excellent application for saving images from Instagram postings. You can use Skweezer to save a single Instagram photo or several Instagram photographs. It can be a photo that somebody posted on a public profile and you liked it enough to repost it on your account. The static photos anywhere on instagram that are visible to you are open for the download.

Videos Downloader

Skweezer was designed to allow you to download IG videos for any purpose you desire. Skweezer enables both single and multiple video downloads from carousels. Instagram video download is an option that you can avail if you want to download a video from the platform. Any video, shared publically by any profile is open for download. You can download Instagram video by simply putting their link in the Instagram video downloader provided on the website.

IGTV Dowloader

IGTV is a long video format; if you can't watch it right now, you can download IGTV videos to your device and watch them later, without having to be online or if the IGTV is removed. Moreover, if you want to share the video with someone who is not on the gram, you can download the video and share with them through other sharing platforms.

Whatever your reason is to get the Instagram video download in mp4 format, the feature provided by skweezer can help. Just copy the link of the video you like, and within seconds you will have the IGTV in your phone or laptop.

Reel Downloader

REEL is a new video format based on the TikTok idea. Skweezer can help you download Instagram REEL videos. Our REEL downloader can assist you in saving your beloved Reels videos.

There are countless reels posted everyday on the platform with trending music clips and attractive concepts. You may want to share it for the creative motivation or an intent to create something similar. Things will be convenient if you have the video in the mp4 format in your phone. You can view it as many times you want and create it with your own content. All you need is the Instagram video downloader offered by Skweezer. Copy the link, paste it in the search bar and you have the downloaded video in your device.

Carousel/Album Downloader

Carousel posts, also called Album or Gallery posts, contain several images, videos, or mixed media. If you need to download several photos from Instagram, Skweezer is the fastest Instagram gallery downloader.

Generally, you will see upto 10 screens in a carousel. It can be a set of images, mix of videos and photos or videos only. You have the liberty to download any one or all of these ten screens individually by pasting the respective links into the Instagram video download bar. The saved photo or video gets saved into your gallery and you can use it the way you want!

How To Download
Instagram Video

If you would have wanted to download an Instagram video a few years ago, it wasn't really possible. You could save the video to your profile or repost it to your account with visible credits to the account to which it belongs. There was no way to convert a video on Instagram to mp4 that is there in your phone or laptop gallery like the other videos which you shot or created yourself.

Things have changed drastically now and it is very well possible to convert any video on Instagram to mp4. It can be a video posted as a reel or IGTV, which is the longest possible format on the platform. Moreover, it can be the video posted by any public profile that is open for anyone to access. Wondering how you can download the desired video in the mp4 format? Read on to know.

We've created a tool to download any IG photo, video, reels, IGTV, story or carousel to your desktop computer or mobile phone. The steps involved in downloading your desired video or photo is as simple as just copy and paste.

Visit instagram and start browsing the profiles to find the content of your choice. Once you have found the photo or the post in the video format that you wish to download, copy its link. Moving on, visit Skweezer and enter the copied link to the search bar and click on download. Now tap to hold and click 'Save As' to download the video to your photo roll or computer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to any questions you might have about our services and products. If the Frequently Asked Questions don't answer your question, you can always use our live support center to talk to us.

What exactly is a video downloader for Instagram?
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It's a web application (online tool) that allows you to download Instagram photos, videos, and IGTV videos. Should you need to access them offline later. The Skweezer Instagram downloader is the greatest tool for downloading from Instagram. You can choose to download Instagram video, reels, IGTV, or static photos into your gallery or wherever you want in your desktop or phone. All you need is the link to the post you wish to download, paste it in the search bar and click download!

How to get the photo/video URL?
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In the Instagram app, go to the photo or video. Click on the three dots and click on copy link. You now have a direct link to the Instagram post. If you are using instagram on desktop, the steps are even simpler. Open the post that you wish to download, click on the search bar at the top of the browsing window, selecting the entire URL. Right click the mouse and you will be prompted with different options. Choose copy from the drop down and you have the link to the post.

In what format can I download?
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Videos are usually downloaded in the MP4 format, whereas photos are usually downloaded in the JPEG format.

Can I download from other platforms?
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Skweezer Instagram Downloader can currently only be used to download photos, IGTV, carousel and videos from Instagram.

How to download a video from Instagram?
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Instagram does not offer any feature to download videos from your own, or someone else’s Instagram profile. Skweezer Instagram Downloader is an online video downloader where you simply paste the URL of the Instagram post, and click on download. You can then save the video (or photo!) in your camera roll on your mobile device, or on your desktop computer.

Will this tool save to your camera roll?
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Where your downloaded files get saved depends on the device or the operating system you are using. Moreover, it also depends on where you choose to save the downloaded files after you press 'save as' on your desktop or laptop.

Photos can be downloaded to your camera roll if you're on a mobile device. This is different for videos if you're on an iOS device. As iOS devices will directly play the video for you. The best option is to save it to Google Drive or Dropbox and then use those apps to download the video to your camera roll.

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