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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get free Instagram followers?
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We want you to be able to see for yourself whether we can live up to our promises by giving you free followers. It's our hope that you'll become one of our satisfied customers. That would be fantastic! It's like a free trial to show you why Skweezer is a must-have tool for Instagram virality. Use this to boost your Instagram following. Your popularity will soar if you get more followers.
Is this a Free Instagram Followers Hack?
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Not exactly, this is neither a follow4follow nor an exchange platform. We send you up to 50 followers daily, in exchange of you following 10 accounts. This is a win-win situation and a no-brainer, completely free.

Can I get more exposure?
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We have two options for increasing awareness of our service: advertise or do something special. Because so few other sites provide free followers, we reasoned that we may as well start our own. Increasing your online presence is a benefit of working with us. This is a quick and easy way to build a following of people who like your content on Instagram.

Any feedback or suggestions?
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We continuously work on improving our service. Offering followers for free allows us to reach a different audience than our customers, who may have tips and feedback for us to improve on. We'd appreciate it a lot if you could try out our free services and let us know what you think.

How can this free followers provide a guaranteed boost?
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Get noticed by billions. There are tens of thousands of customers who decided to grow their Instagram. They chose Skweezer to attract the right kind of target audience without difficulty. Setting up a promotion is the easiest it has ever been. Now you can simply enter your username, receive the followers all at once or gradually over time. Our service is 100% legit, feel free to read our testimonials.

Does this Free Followers Instagram Tool Works Without Survey ?
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Because not everyone has the money to pay for them, we understand. We intend to help people who can't afford it by offering a free trial. It's not much, but we hope it will help you get started on your Instagram career.

When you start gaining thousands of free Instagram followers, you'll be in awe at the results. Opting for a growth packages is without a doubt the quickest, most entertaining, and most effective method to locate individuals who share your interests.

How can I get noticed?
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We all know that it is extremely hard to get noticed without additional help such as a shoutout. But a shoutout is very expensive, and usually only brings in spam followers. It does help to promote your account, but who is going to follow an account that has 0 followers? Our service is cheap, super fast, you will not get banned and all of our previous customers are very satisfied. We even offer help with verification. We can reach out to the right department at Instagram.

6 Benefits of Getting Free Instagram Followers

1. Gaining Free Instagram Followers Boosts Brand Authenticity
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It's tempting to give in to short-term gratification and purchase fake followers on Instagram through a variety of nefarious means. While it may be tempting, it's also a mistake. Not to mention a waste of time and money. 

Have you ever heard the term 'ratioed' on social media? It's when a post has far more comments than it does likes or retweets. It's a sign that people are taking issue with what's in the post and are most likely tearing into the poster.

If you have a bunch of fake followers, you run the risk of permanently ratioing yourself. What would you think if you saw someone with 20,000 followers regularly getting 4 comments per post? I'd think they weren't going to have 20,000 followers for long.

If you're using social media for professional purposes, companies are usually far more interested in engagement than only followers. That's part of why 'micro-influencers' have been catching on in recent years. Brands would rather work with people with smaller but enthusiastic followers than those who rarely get any engagement. 
2. Broadens Your Reach
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If you're using social media, odds are good you want to reach as many people as possible. It's your own private network to share your thoughts, beliefs, and values with the world. If you're using Instagram from business, it's your opportunity to share your products and services with your followers, too, of course!

Building your Instagram followers means that your posts will get seen by as many people as possible. This fulfills a number of business goals, from increasing brand awareness to establishing yourself as an authority in your niche. The wider your reach, the more your reputation will spread. 

This also has a way of taking on some momentum on its own. When your followers engage with your content, share your posts to their stories, or tag their friends, you'll gain even more followers.

3. More Engagement With Stories
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One of the big reasons for Instagram's popularity is its stories, which no other social media platform can come close to touching (sorry Twitter fleets!) in terms of engagement. It's also a way to get your audience to connect with your brand more thoroughly in a way that still photography can't. 

Instagram Stories gives context to your brand in a way that one-off posts can't do as well. It gives a narrative to your brand which is essential for helping your audience to connect with your brand and cultivate a sense of loyalty. 

This is a good reason for gaining free Instagram followers in-and-of-itself. And let's not forget that Instagram stories have an almost mind-blowing conversion rate. Conversion rates on Instagram Stories can get as high as twenty-five percent

That number alone should be enough to convince you that you need to be driving as many eyes as possible to your Instagram stories. 

4. Increase Traffic to Your Other Digital Domains
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Instagram is just one part of your overall digital strategy. It's part of a complex moving, evolving whole which feeds into each other. When one part of your digital marketing platform grows, so do the rest.

If you've been working online for any span of time, you'll know that it gets harder and harder to drive clicks to your website. That's especially true if your website is on the smaller side, with the misfortune of ending up on the second page of Google... or worse.

And of course, we all know about the decline in organic traffic via social media. This is true on virtually every social media network, as platforms transition towards models that encourage users to pay for sponsored posts.

This means you need to consider every possible opportunity to drive traffic to your website. This is especially challenging for newer businesses or brands who are just getting out there.

Even showing up on search engines can take a while at that stage, even if you're actively engaging in an SEO campaign. It takes a while for your site to get indexed and longer still for those changes to show up in the SEO rankings.

Having a healthy Instagram following is a way that you can start building your brand and web presence right away. There's no waiting six months for the Google spiders to drop by. It's also something you can work on every day which is something that very few other digital marketing disciplines can say.

5. Grow Your Mailing List
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Old school business wisdom asserts that you should always own your assets. It's not good business practice to be too beholden to leasing or renting. All of your hard work can vanish in the blink of an eyelash. Not to mention potentially burdening you with ongoing overhead.

If you're serious about using the internet for business, you should really be thinking about establishing your email list. A mailing list is how you steer a first-time visitor into becoming a lifelong customer. If you get someone to sign up for your mailing list, you could potentially serve them up with a newsletter every week.

Even better, if you take the time to make a good newsletter, they'll start to look forward to your emails! How often do people get excited about getting marketed to? This alone should have you staying up all night to come up with the world's most perfect marketing funnel.

A popular post has the potential to reach a lot farther than you might expect. Remember also that everything on the internet is permanent, provided that Instagram doesn't disappear tomorrow.

This means there's also the potential of your social media posts becoming backlinks in their own right, getting posted on Pinterest, archived on Tumblr, shared to Facebook, or any number of other social media platforms.

6. Grow Your Brand Even More With Crowd Engagement
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Once your Instagram account has gotten to a certain size, you can begin to experiment with other methods to grow your audience even further. Like a branded hashtag, for instance. It's hard to get that going at first if your audience isn't big enough, but once it is you have the potential to turn your entire audience into brand ambassadors.

Or consider a user-generated content campaign. The approach is similar to a branded hashtag but the posts could be even more engaging, as they could feature original artwork from your audience for example. That's just one example - you could have your followers make a short skit, a song, or showcase their creativity in any other way that speaks to your audience and your brand.

User-generated content campaigns can be brilliant as they offer an opportunity to support your audience while they, in turn, are supporting you. Other users browsing the hashtag will see the posts made by your audience posted to that hashtag. This can grow their audience while broadening your outreach at the same time.

Then your new viewers might see how much interest and attention is being generated with your campaign and decide to get on board. Next thing you know, you've gone from gaining a new follower to having a brand ambassador, potentially in a 24-hour period. This exposes their followers and friends to your brand, as well, and so on, and so on.

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