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Best Instagram Hashtags For 2022

Instagram hashtags 2022

Including hashtags in your posts will help you gain more followers: Posts with at least one hashtag get 12.6 percent higher engagement than those without.


Trending Instagram hashtags, which are described as tags that are commonly used by a significant number of accounts, can assist boost your brand's visibility and engagement rate. In 2022, here are the top trending Instagram hashtags in several industries to keep an eye on.

What Are Hashtags on Instagram?

Instagram hashtags are a popular technique to draw attention to and identify your photos with what's in them. This allows people to easily find posts about dogs on Instagram, even if the person who uploaded it didn't mention the word "dog" in their description. They'll be able to find it as long as it be included as a hashtag.

Hashtags can be descriptive of what is in the image or explanatory of what is in the description, such as #funny. There are branded hashtags, such as #CincinnatiFoodie, that are established expressly by and for a certain brand, and there are geographic hashtags, such as #CincinnatiFoodie, that specifies a location.

What Are the Benefits of Using Instagram Hashtags?

Instagram hashtags can be used for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, as previously said, they make it easier for others to search for and find your postings. You make it easier for potential audience members to see your postings by utilizing hashtags that describe what's in your image.

Branded hashtags were also mentioned earlier. When a company generates a hashtag, it usually does so for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they may be beginning a new campaign, and they want to link all the campaign's posts together. They might also be holding a contest and inviting people to make posts about their brand or company using that hashtag to be eligible to win. Finally, they could be doing it as a non-giveaway marketing approach to get their name out there.

2022 Instagram Trending Hashtags

Let's look at the most popular Instagram hashtags for 2022 across various businesses.


These are some of the finest food industry hashtags for 2022:

Which of these popular Instagram hashtags should you pay attention to in 2022? #Food is a nice one to keep in mind because it is so broad that it is unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. Hashtags such as #Foodie and #Delicious might help you connect with all the foodies on Instagram. Add a relevant hashtag (#Dinner, #Breakfast, #Lunch) to your post if it involves food from a specific meal to help others who are interested locate it.


The following are the most popular fashion hashtags to use:

While #InstaStyle was once a popular hashtag, it has since fallen out of favor and may no longer be the most effective approach to promote your business. Instead, keep your Instagram followers engaged by using the hashtags #Fashionista and #FashionDiaries. "Fashion journal" postings are popular because they provide visitors with ideas for putting together their own fashionable ensembles. Outside of these top 10 hashtags, these extra trending fashion tags can help your brand gain more awareness.


The following are some of the most popular fitness hashtags in 2022:

On Instagram, the fitness business is huge, and fitness brands may acquire a lot of exposure by leveraging trendy hashtags. #Fitness, #Gym, and #Workout are just a few of the most well-known fitness hashtags. #FitFam, #GymLife, and #FitnessMotivation are among the other prominent hashtags in 2022. You can also include tags that refer to specific activities or types of workouts (for example, #Yoga or #CrossFit) if they are applicable.


Here are the best retail hashtags:

Retailers may get ahead of the game by marketing their brand with the hashtags #Retail and #Shopping. With millions of posts each, these broad tags are extremely popular. Consumers use these tags to find new things to buy on a regular basis. #OnlineShopping has made its way onto this list, even though COVID protections are still in place in many countries. This could be a useful hashtag for you if you have an online store or are focusing on ecommerce in any way.



In 2022, these are some of the most popular Instagram hashtags for travel:

Because of Instagram's visual aspect, which works well for sharing travel photographs, the travel and tourism industries have always been big on the platform. COVID, on the other hand, flipped the tourism industry on its head in 2020. As a result, throughout the last year, the majority of Instagram travel pictures and hashtags have focused on future goals rather than current adventures. Encourage your fans to be patient as you whet their appetites for travel. Tell your followers that they'll be the first ones on an aircraft as soon as it's safe to #TravelTheWorld again. Buy likes to increase your reach is a good idea too.


In 2022, the following are the most popular music industry hashtags on Instagram:

Use the hashtag #MusicLife to give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your lifestyle. This tag, which is used by both solo musicians and brands, is an excellent method to garner some eyes on your articles in 2022. Music labels can benefit from hashtags like #Musicians and #MusicProducer.


In 2022, these are the top trending Instagram hashtags for sports:

#Sports and #Fitness are expected to be popular in 2022. These are basic, generic tags that may be used by anybody from professional athletes to lifestyle businesses to sports marketing firms, with a Muay Thai clothing company employing both tags in this example. In 2022, businesses that specialize in a single sport, such as #Basketball or #Soccer, will benefit from more niched-down tags, such as #Basketball or #Soccer.


The following are the most popular entertainment hashtags:

Using trending hashtags on Instagram can help entertainment organizations like a film company, a local theater, or a DJ acquire a lot more business. Remember, to give your Instagram followers a good experience, always use hashtags that are relevant to your business (for example, don't use #Podcast unless you truly have a podcast).

Makeup and Beauty

Here are the top hashtags:

The most popular beauty and makeup hashtags demonstrate that you don't have to use a lot of hashtags to obtain good results. The most popular, #Makeup, is as straightforward as it gets. Simply be descriptive when choosing hashtags for your beauty posts: If you're sharing a tutorial, use #MakeupTutorial; if you're sharing favorite products, use #MakeupAddict; and #MakeupOfTheDay if you're showing off a brand-new look, use #MakeupOfTheDay.


These are the top Instagram lifestyle hashtags for 2022:

The lifestyle category is quite broad, as evidenced by the popular hashtags. There's a lot of crossover with other sectors, such as fashion, business, and fitness. Include #Lifestyle in each of your postings and then choose extra hashtags that are appropriate to that particular photo.

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