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Get your questions about getting Instagram verified answered!

Can't I just request verification via the Instagram app?

How to get real Instagram followers fast

You can, but 99% of these requests are denied by Instagram. We have access to a media partner panel which lets us talk directly to Instagram and Facebook, and allows us to explain why you should get verified and has the highest possible success rate.

Is it guaranteed that I will get verified?

What if I lose my followers

No. We cannot guarantee you will become verified after using our service(s). Even though it is our #1 priority to get you verified, in the end it is up to Instagram to decide whether or not to verify you. However, we will make sure you are eligible to become verified by working on your online PR and submitting the request for you through a media partner panel.

How long does delivery take?

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Skweezer is proud to offer a seamless buying experience to offer the best, cheapest and fast Instagram services online. Do not bother yourself anymore with those websites requiring you to complete tiresome forms, register your account, and validate your e-mail before you can even place an order. Getting likes and followers with us has never been that easy! We do all the legwork for you! We focus on sending followers organically to not salvage your engagement rate. When you buy our Instagram followers services, we will always send more than you order (We offer automatic refill for all our orders)

Does this actually work?

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Yes. We have verified hundreds of accounts successfully using our technique. We have a very high success rate, but keep in mind that we cannot make any guarantees.

Do I get a refund if I don't get verified?

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No. We do not offer refunds. Since we write and publish articles and interviews about you, and submit the verification request for you, we are unable to refund you if you do not get verified.

What is the purpose of the Instagram verified sticker?

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"Accounts representing well-known personalities and brands are verified since they have a high risk of being impersonated," according to Instagram. We aim to make it simple for consumers in the Instagram community to locate the real people and brands they want to follow."

A blue check displays next to the account name as the verified badge. Since August 2018, Instagram users have been allowed to request verification. The presence of the sticker indicates that Instagram has verified that the account belongs to the prominent figure. When someone requests this, one of the primary considerations Instagram considers is if there is a strong likelihood that someone would wish to mimic this account. Before requesting the blue checkmark, you should be a public personality (celebrity, brand, influencer).

How do you get your Instagram account verified?

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Fortunately, the procedure is now simpler than ever. You can utilize our services to get verified to avoid anything unexpected and undesired.

What factors does Instagram consider?

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Fortunately, the procedure is now simpler than ever. You can utilize our services to get verified to avoid anything unexpected and undesired.

Which payment methods do you accept?

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We currently accept all major credit cards.

Get Verified With Us

Getting Instagram verified is more important than ever in 2022. Why?

Instagram is more than just a haphazard photo-sharing app. It gave birth to the Instagram Influencer, elevated the #sponsored hashtag, and broadened the opportunities for content creators, business owners, and, well, anyone else to generate money outside of the regular 9-5. The blue check opens the door to even greater exposure and money, but there are a few strings attached to this status symbol. Here's a beginner's introduction to Instagram verification, covering what it is, how to get it, and why it's worth applying for if you're serious about improving your Instagram game and gaining more eyes on your company or site.

What factors does Instagram consider?

If you want to get verified on Instagram, your profile should follow certain standards to give you the best chance. Granted, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to obtaining certified. It's not as simple as having a follower account; there are news anchors that have 1,000 Instagram followers and are verified. And it's not as straightforward as the industry; for example, there are verified and unverified fitness influencers. There is no definitive guide, as there is with many things in the Instagram algorithm. However, there are some features and situational traits that can definitely help you get verified:

  • How much are you willing to give up?
    Let's return to the news anchor scenario. You might assume that a public figure becoming verified on Instagram is uninteresting and "irrelevant." However, so much breaking news nowadays happens on social media. As a result, journalists have a responsibility to verify factual accuracy, and impersonators risk causing public disturbance.

  • We're all familiar with celebrities, of course. Justin Bieber's Instagram posts are already erratic enough; we don't need any more impersonators. Apart from the joking, celebrities do need to protect their reputations, and verification can help. The decision to sabotage themselves is then theirs.

  • Follow four main rules

  • As previously said, Instagram does not make it apparent why some people are chosen and others are not. However, there are four rules that all accounts must fulfill in order to be considered:

    Authenticity: This means you're portraying a real person, company, or entity.
    Uniqueness: Each person or corporation can only have one verified account. Meme accounts, while cute and entertaining, are not eligible for verification.
    Complete: Only public accounts with at least one post, a bio, and a profile photo will be considered. You may not link to or mention other social media profiles on your profile.

    Only accounts representing well-known and/or frequently searched for entities and people are permitted. Instagram uses press and news sources to determine notability, although paid promotions and placements are not considered.

What are the advantages of verifying?

With over 200 million businesses on Instagram, getting verified allows you to take your brand to the next level. You'll stand out in your sector instead of blending in with the herd. You may already have a large number of followers who provide social proof, but Instagram verification proves that you're worthy of being followed. People like to follow who and what other people are interested in. New followers will flock to your page if your profile is beautiful, legitimate, and has a great brand design. You'll also get a lot of trust, which is beneficial whether you're promoting things for affiliate marketing or simply communicating with your audience.

However, gaining followers through social proof isn't the only way to promote your company. It is, above all, about gaining followers. Verified accounts have early access to new features before the broader public, making it easier to improve their Instagram game. Verified profiles, for example, have access to the "swipe up" feature, which lets users link to websites from their Instagram stories. Profiles that aren't verified (or haven't reached the 10,000 follower mark, which is the other way to acquire access) lust for this feature. Essentially, you'll have first access to features that will allow you to perfect them before anybody else... and utilize them to generate A+ content.

Another advantage, especially for influencers, is that no one can duplicate your success. They may, but any profiles other than yours would be obvious as false. Having fake profiles acting as you, whether you're a writer or a model, can be quite damaging. Instagram verification not only adds a nice blue checkmark to your profile, but it also adds it to any comments you make. This means that people may be confident that you are who you say you are no matter where you are in the app.

You may make it evident that you're the one behind the screen with Instagram verification, and that all other accounts are fake. Overall, being verified on Instagram is a difficult task. We'd all be verified if it was. However, once you've achieved Insta success, the sky's the limit.

What factors will influence the approval of my verification badge application?

While these are more like suggestions than guarantees of approval, here are some things that have worked for us:

Make your profile distinctive! You must have a photo, a compelling bio, and at least one photograph on your account.
Your account must be public, and each account should only have one request verification. It should go without saying, but the account must be associated with a legitimate person, company, or brand.
Although there is no minimum amount of followers required for verification, you must be well-known in some form, such as a brand founder or a well-known human; someone that others are likely to look up online.
Adhere to Instagram's laws and norms!

Knowing Your Eligibility

Your Instagram account must achieve the following verification criteria in order to be eligible for the blue checkmark:

The Account Has to Be Real: Your Instagram account must represent a registered business or entity, or it must belong to a real person, in order to be considered for verification.

The Account Must Be Unique: The Instagram account must be a one-of-a-kind representation of the company or individual it represents. This means that each person or corporation can only have one verified account.
General interest accounts will not be validated, with the exception of language-specific accounts. Fan accounts, feature accounts, and meme accounts (e.g. @puppymemes) are all examples of this.

The Account Must Be Public: Because the blue Instagram emblem is reserved for public entities and celebrities, you cannot establish a private profile on the network.

The Account Must Be Finished: It must have a profile photo, bio, and at least one post in the feed to qualify. Furthermore, no "add me" links to other social media networks are allowed in your profile.

The Account Must Represent a Well-Known Figure or Brand: In order to be verified, your Instagram account must represent a well-known figure or brand. It must be widely searched and/or mentioned in a variety of news outlets. Instagram does not examine accounts that are associated with promotional or commercial material.

In addition to completing the aforementioned requirements, you must also adhere to Instagram's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

Important: Instagram will remove your verified badge if you give misleading or fraudulent information during the verification process. They might also take further steps, such as deleting your account.

As a result, be sure your application is truthful.

Throughout the account verification process, only provide accurate, relevant, and true information.

  • Make use of your genuine name.
  • Select an appropriate account category.
  • To verify your identity, use authentic documents and images.

How to Increase Your Approval Chances

Even if your Instagram account passes the requirements for verification, Instagram makes it clear that receiving the blue checkmark is not guaranteed. It's a good idea to use the following tips to give yourself the best chance of receiving approval:

Make An Impressive Bio: A complete profile is one of the first things Instagram looks for when deciding whether or not to validate your account. Make sure you complete out all of the essential fields in the bio section. Include at least one photo and factual information about yourself, your company, or your brand.

Become Newsworthy: Another important need for Instagram verification is that your account be newsworthy. Getting your name in the news is one approach to do this. To get your name in the media, you can send out press releases and media kits.

Increase Your Instagram Following: While there is no minimum amount of followers required for Instagram verification, having more followers makes you appear more notable. If you want to get the blue check on Instagram, keep expanding your reach and following. Do not ignore buying Instagram likes to increase your engagement rate.

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