Instagram is highly stringent about the content that its community is allowed to publish in order to keep the community safe. Because having an Instagram activity prohibited is so aggravating and perplexing, we’ve put together this tutorial to explain why Instagram is sending you these notifications. Here’s why your Instagram action has been prohibited and what you can do about it.

Breaking the Social Media Rules

While social media is supposed to be a place where you may express yourself in whatever way you choose, there are certain rules to follow. If you violate these guidelines, your Instagram account may be restricted or possibly banned.

It is for the safety of every user that Instagram ensures none of the suspicious or unpleasant entities turn the user experience sour. If you have a blocked account on Instagram, it is mainly because you violated the norms set by the platform in some way or the other. 

To keep users safe and happy, the platform has established community principles and rules.It’s possible that you’re not even aware that you’re infringing the rules, and why Instagram removes an account isn’t always evident. The following are the most frequent regulations to follow while publishing and participating with material on Instagram to avoid getting banned.

Instagram’s Policies and Procedures

Sexually explicit material

Posting improper sexual content is one of the reasons your Instagram account may be banned. In brief, while Instagram is intended for those over the age of 13, its major goal is to maintain material acceptable for a wide range of people. You can read the full set of community guidelines here. Partially nude photographs of minors (for safety concerns) and nudity in general, regardless of purpose, are two prominent reasons why Instagram removes posts for sexual content. Nudity is never permitted, even if it is done for artistic or creative motives, and results in Instagram material being blocked.

So, whether you are an artist publishing his artwork containing any sort of nudity, or an actor posting pictures of a character in a position unacceptable by Instagram, you may get your Instagram account blocked for this reason. However, if you are sure that your intentions are right and you did not mean to violate any norms, you can appeal the platform to unblock Instagram account that has been banned by it. 

Violent Material

Following that, you might have an Instagram activity disabled or possibly be banned for publishing violent stuff on the platform. On this site, encouraging violence is never acceptable. When it comes to addressing violence on Instagram, the only exemption is when it’s being posted to oppose it or raise awareness.

Instagram aspires to create a welcoming and diverse community. As a result, if you make severe threats of harm to public safety, you may be banned from Instagram. When publishing noteworthy events, Instagram advises users to be considerate. Risk sharing videos of extreme or graphic violence on Instagram to avoid getting banned.

It’s also possible that an Instagram account has been disabled owing to difficulties with copyrighted content. Reposting is a popular and efficient way to generate user-generated content and mix up your feed.

But if you constantly keep posting somebody else’s content and do not bother to mention about the original source, you are creating grounds to get your Instagram account blocked.

Give credit where credit is due to prevent having your Instagram action restricted. Instagram wants to keep its community strong and minimize confrontation, thus they recommend resolving copyright concerns with the users directly.

If you find your work has been duplicated or republished without appropriate tagging or authorization, rather than harassing the user, file a copyright report to prevent having your Instagram account banned.

Complaints from Users

If enough people complain your profile or photographs, Instagram will be notified, and you may have an Instagram activity prohibited or your account terminated. Here are some of the most typical causes for your account being disabled as a result of a user complaint.

The software gives you two alternatives for reporting an account: “It’s Spam” or “It’s Inappropriate.”

If you choose “It’s Spam,” the reported account will be promptly blocked, and you won’t be able to read each other’s stuff. A spam account is one that makes a lot of posts or engages in other untrustworthy conduct.

If you select “It’s Inappropriate,” you’ll be sent to another page where you can provide more information about why you’re reporting the account. As you might expect, Instagram gets a large number of these notifications, so the answers you provide will decide how much action is done.

If you report someone for posting offensive or spam content, your Instagram account will most likely not be deactivated right away. Instagram, on the other hand, will treat sharing objectionable content more severely.

Finally, you may not be aware of one of the most common customer concerns. “This profile is impersonating someone else,” says the possibility.

While it’s understandable that individuals would want to take over the accounts of celebrities or influencers, it occurs all the time to ordinary people’s accounts. Instagram allows you to select whether the hacker is targeting you, a friend, or a celebrity.  It is important to understand here that the other person also have the right to prove his grounds and request to unblock Instagram account.

Using Multiple IP Addresses to Login

This is one of the less widely addressed aspects of having an Instagram account restricted. While Instagram has not made any formal declarations regarding whether they restrict users based on their IP addresses or devices, specialists believe they do.

An IP address is a piece of identifying information that shows the location from which you’re login onto Instagram, and it’s a simple piece of information to alter. When someone logs onto Instagram, they are identifiable not just by their username, but also by their password, IP address, and MAC address, which identifies the device’s hardware. If you log in to Instagram from different IP addresses or devices, Instagram may flag your activity as suspicious and prohibit you.

If Instagram decides to ban someone, you won’t be able to log in using your username and password, previous IP addresses, the same MAC address, or the same phone. Any attempt to log in will be reported by Instagram, and you will be sent back to the beginning.

Disabled vs. Temporary Block

The difference between a temporary ban on Instagram and having your account deactivated is significant. If your account is on the verge of being banned or deactivated, Instagram will notify you. However, if your account has been deactivated, you would have to look for legitimate answers for how to unblock an Instagram account.

Instagram has implemented new automation limits that will alert your account if it performs any activity at a high rate. This includes acts like as commenting, liking, following, hashtagging, and so on, which might be seen as spam. Instagram is putting a lot of effort into minimizing spam on its platform.

Don’t get too worked up if your account is temporarily blocked. It’s simply a matter of time. According to research, getting your Instagram account deactivated does not necessarily mean you will be barred from the platform. You’ll usually just be barred for a short period of time.

When your Instagram account is blocked, you won’t be able to do anything with it for 24 to 48 hours. Return to the app on the exact day and time of your unblock and conduct an activity after your block time has expired. If you’re blocked, you’ll receive error warnings, and continuing to use your account while it’s blocked will most likely result in it being extended.

Instagram, on the other hand, removes accounts for reasons such as excessive language, spam, being reported by other accounts multiple times, or breaching Instagram’s terms and conditions.

These accounts may be disabled at any time without notice. A notice like “your account has been deactivated” or “We’re sorry, something went wrong” or even an error like “username not found” would most likely appear.

What Should You Do If Your Instagram Account Is Blocked?

We sympathize with everyone who has had their Instagram account disabled. This isn’t the best scenario. If you have a business account, you have very certainly spent a significant amount of time and money on page building, engagement, and brand collaborations.

It’s unthinkable that anything with a flawless grid, a vast following, and unique connections could vanish in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, Instagram users are all too familiar with this scenario. You might be banned one day and have no idea why. For bots or suspicious IDs that have been doing more spam activities, banning the account is an ideal decision. However, if any violation happened unintentionally have led to the banning of account, you would have to figure out how to unblock an Instagram account. 

You can appeal the decision to have your account restored. You may be having login troubles if you don’t see the notification.

Unfortunately, if someone else deletes your account, Instagram will not be able to recover it. You can create a new account with the same email address, but you will likely not be able to use the old username again.

Instagram has blocked you.

If your Instagram account has been blocked, perhaps this post has given you a better understanding of why this happened and how to prevent it from happening again. You might already have learned how to unblock Instagram account, but you would have to keep following the guidelines and not do anything unacceptable to avoid getting banned again.

Instagram wants to create a genuine and safe community that encourages creativity and expression. In a nutshell, they ask that you only submit your own photographs and videos, observe the law, and treat others on the app with respect.

Instagram reflects the diversity of our community’s ethnicities, ages, and beliefs. We hope that our perspective and advice will help you better understand your role in the community and how you may contribute to making it a better place while avoiding being blocked.