There’s no denying it: if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably looking for new ways to create more unique Instagram posts that also serve as some of the greatest Instagram growth tools.

What’s the issue?

In 2020, 90% of Instagram accounts will follow at least one business, and 83 percent will use the site to explore new products or services. This is why it’s so important for your brand to be seen on Instagram.

The bad news is that user engagement is extremely competitive. However, the good news is that you still have time to be ahead of the game…  So, what can you do to make your posts stand out from the crowd? Below, you’ll find three unique ways to spice up both your content and Instagram marketing plan:

Bite-size meals

You might have been perplexed as you looked through your Instagram feed and noticed that one of your favorite businesses has uploaded what appears to be simply a portion of a photo.

While badly performed fragmentary photographs might be perplexing in a trickle-down feed, good piecemeal content can stand on its own while also complementing your Instagram marketing strategy by building eye-catching galleries.

You might be wondering what a fragmentary photo is. In essence, fragmentary images are created by splitting a large image (for example, a living room that your interior design firm decorated) into smaller bits.

Alternatively, when viewing individual photographs in a gallery, you can use graphics or other design elements to connect them. Because of its aesthetically pleasing design, many firms would break their component photos into anywhere between two and six images. This is one of the top Instagram growth tactics.

Each photograph (or video) can be entertaining on its own when carefully planned and released in the appropriate order, but when viewed collectively in your Instagram account’s gallery, it makes a larger, more coherent image.

You may effectively double the interaction rate you would have gotten by sharing a single photo by turning it into numerous interesting ones.

Some of the Best Instagram Growth Tools are Cinema-graphs

Cinemagraphs have been around for a while, and many brands have already embraced this unique concept that incorporates video components into a still image.

These unusual photographs take advantage of Instagram’s endless looping feature, which assures that once a person is entranced by your image’s moving element(s), they can stay as long as they want to watch it.

After all, users on Instagram enjoy discovering the unexpected, and when a stationary image contains a touch of motion, it can instantly attract their interest, even drawing their attention to a region of the image that would otherwise be overlooked.

Best of all, creating cinemagraphs isn’t as difficult as you would imagine.

Various tools allow you to convert your movies into a single image with a touch of animation quickly and easily. Content that would normally be perceived as “simply another photo” can transform into a more engaging social experience.

Color coordination

Using color schemes effectively demands careful consideration of your overall Instagram marketing campaign, just as it does when creating a fragmented photo collection. However, when done correctly, it can enhance the overall appeal of your gallery. While not commonly seen on Instagram (since it can limit your ability to publish at the moment), the basic concept is that you keep your photographs within a specific hue or color palette for a set period. For example, for one week, you may solely post blue photographs (Instagram’s most popular color), then gradually move to purple.

This not only aids in the creation of great-looking photographs but also adds flair to your whole gallery. Check out our Instagram account to see how we color scheme!

You can also make color contrast the focal point of your Instagram marketing strategy. Dynamic color contrasts can help your photographs “pop” while still allowing you to create spontaneous material.


Piece-meals, cinema-graphs, and color scheme planning are all excellent ways to help your content stand out, and some of the best Instagram growth tools —not just in a user’s feed, but also when they visit your profile.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there, and start spicing up your content with these exciting techniques. Because of it, you’ll see better engagement in no time at all!