Gone are the days when having a large number of Instagram followers was enough to make you a major influencer. You may have millions of followers with the per post engagement rate of a few thousands only. There can be multiple reasons for it, including you have bought paid audiences majority of which are a bot or you not posting the content that your audience would like. So, it is crucial to learn how to calculate engagement rate on Instagram and what to do to improve it.

For firms wishing to cooperate on a new marketing campaign, measuring an influencer’s engagement rate has become the most significant statistic. The ability to quantify and sustain a high engagement rate as an influencer is critical for gaining more significant commercial collaborations, but it hasn’t become any simpler since Instagram’s algorithm update.

Why Do Influencers Require a High Level of Engagement?

In a word, any interaction by your followers with any of your posts, whether in the form of likes, comments, or saves, is termed engagement. So, when you talk about how to improve engagement rate on Instagram, these are also the aspects on which you have to work. Focus on posting right content, getting genuine following and likes and comments from people who are actually interested in your business or services.

Having a high interaction rate on Instagram provides you a lot of credibility with your followers. It demonstrates to marketers that you have the ability to favorably impact others. A high engagement rate as an influencer also indicates that you provide high-quality material that connects with your audience.

Because organizations are continuously on the search for influencers who can drive loyal consumers and sales to their firm, influencers with a high engagement rate may pitch brands for stronger collaborations.

To begin, you must first determine your current Instagram engagement in order to determine how much you can boost. Additionally, you should learn about what is a good engagement rate on instagram and figure out the gap between the expectation and reality.

How to Work Out the Engagement Rate on Instagram

Instagram, unlike the other social media behemoths Facebook and Twitter, does not offer a separate dashboard where you can track your interaction rate.

It goes without saying that calculating your Instagram engagement has always been a difficult undertaking. There are tools that can help provide instagram average engagement rate for your profile and if the choice of tool is wise, you can rely the results.

You may calculate it manually or use a program to calculate your current Instagram interaction rate automatically.

Manually calculate your Instagram engagement rate

The ‘total engagement’ obtained over a certain period, represented as a percentage, is used to compute the engagement rate.

There is a mathematical calculation to determine the instagram average engagement rate. Here’s how it works:

(Likes + Comments)/ Followers = Engagement

Let’s assume you got 150 likes and 50 comments on a certain post.

150+50 = 200

2000 people are following you.

(200/2000) x 100 = ten percent engagement rate


Your postings from the last 30 days will usually give you a good idea of your current overall engagement rate. So, when you plan the strategy to improve engagement rate on instagram, calculating the current rate using the above formula would be the first step.

Calculator for Instagram Engagement

If you’re not a math expert or don’t have a calculator on hand and want to obtain an update on your overall engagement rate fast, you may utilize an Instagram engagement calculator.

Simply enter your Instagram handle and the tool will determine your average interaction rate.

Instagram Engagement Rate Tools:

Unlike corporations, who can readily track their campaigns using corporate software tools, influencers may struggle to determine the real impact of their posts if they don’t have access to the right Instagram tools.

Here’s a selection of third-party apps to assist you assess your Instagram account’s performance:

Simply Measured: Simply Measured is an excellent Instagram engagement rate tool for determining how far and wide your brand’s reach is on the platform. Simply Measured may be a valuable partner in assisting you in strategically planning your posts based on accurate data.

This tool will allow you to acquire the following information:

  • Growth rate of new and total followers.
  • The effectiveness of your hashtags.
  • Views, retention, and conversions for videos.
  • Compare your results against the competition.
  • To figure out how all of your actions contribute to your bottom line, create a social conversion funnel.
  • Report on analytics
  • Photographic feedback

This information is elaborate enough to determine the current engagement rate and understand how much you have to work to improve engagement rate on instagram.

The Impact of the Instagram Algorithm Update on Engagement:

You’re not alone if you think your Instagram engagement isn’t as great as it once was, or perhaps lower than you expected. Many Instagram users are seeing a drop in interest, which they attribute to factors such as the “Instagram Shadowban.”

However, the fluctuations in interaction levels are related to Instagram’s new algorithm.

So, what exactly is it? What impact does it have on engagement rates?

  • Here are the three key elements that influence how Instagram prioritizes which posts appear in your feed:
  • Topics that most interest you will naturally appear at the top of your feed. Instagram will offer you more fashion-related profiles if you spend your leisure time following and connecting with fashion businesses.
  • Recent entries take precedence over posts older than a week.
  • Relationship: The more you connect with an account by like or commenting on their posts, the more you will see them.

Following the latest Instagram algorithm adjustment, many individuals were concerned about their engagement numbers decreasing.

The new Instagram algorithm, on the other hand, should work in your advantage if you already have an engaged following with no ghost followers.

Instagram’s algorithm is meant to recognize followers’ browsing patterns, which means that if someone interacts with your account frequently, they are more likely to read your posts in the future.

Organically Increase Your Instagram Engagement Rate

How can you possibly stay relevant when there are so many influencers on Instagram?

Previously, all you needed to be called an Instagram influencer was a large number of followers. With the rise in popularity of influencer marketing, businesses are now placing a greater emphasis on engagement rates than on the number of followers.

In addition to just raising your interaction rates, recent blogging data highlight the value of developing your own platform and readership outside of Instagram as a strategy to establish a more varied business that sponsors will want to collaborate with.

So, as you continue to expand your Instagram following, be sure to keep your new followers engaged!

A few techniques to assist you boost your Instagram engagement rate are given below:

1. Provide High-Quality Material:

Your first goal should be to provide high-quality content. Any other tactic for increasing engagement will fall flat without it.

Today’s consumers are overwhelmed by the amount of information available on the internet. As a result, you must provide material that both engages users and encourages them to participate.

Because Instagram is a visual channel, your images must be exceptional. Attractive, bright photographs attract the most attention. It’s crucial to consider not just the quality of your material but also the time you post.

2. Include A Call-to-Action:

By including a call-to-action on your post, you’re initiating a dialogue with your followers. One of the most effective strategies to encourage organic engagement is to tell them exactly what you want them to accomplish. A CTA may be included in your captions and worded in a way that is both catchy and plain, eliciting a response from your followers.

Asking them about their weekend plans or inviting them to tag their friends can encourage them to submit comments.

3. Location Tags:

When you publish photographs with the tagged location, you get 79 percent more interaction than when you don’t. When someone searches for a certain location, Instagram displays all of the posts tagged with that location, making it an excellent method to appear in the explore feed.

Instagram stories are the same way! You may also use the Instagram tales location sticker to increase interaction on your stories.

4. Respond to Comments:

Did you know that the new Instagram algorithm incentivizes you to communicate with your followers? It’s true! Greater engagement encourages more engagement.

If you don’t take the time to sincerely respond to everyone who has connected with your posts recently, you can’t expect to get more likes and comments in the future. Use your imagination! A straight-faced ‘thank you’ for a compliment concludes the conversation. Instead, elaborate on your experience in the photograph or offer a follow-up question.

Responding to comments demonstrates that you care about the people who are reading your articles, giving them even more incentive to follow your account. Plus, every remark you respond to contributes to your engagement rating!

5. Use Hashtags:

Instagram posts with hashtags receive 12.6 percent more interaction than those without. This is how important hashtags are! You may reach out to others who use the hashtags you use. It also increases your chances of appearing on the explore pages for folks who are interested in that topic.

However, in order to appear in search results, you must include hashtags that are related to your area. Examine your rivals’ hashtags to see which ones are trending and generating a lot of attention.

6. Instagram Contests:

One of the most effective strategies to enhance your Instagram engagement rate is to host an Instagram contest. If you’re searching for a specific way to increase engagement, try holding a like-to-win or comment-to-win contest.

Bonus Tip: Expand your reach by collaborating with a business or another influencer to promote the contest to both of your respective followers. Organize a prize giveaway for the contest winners in exchange for following both accounts and tagging their friends.

Contests are extremely engaging since they encourage your followers to interact.