Getting likes on Instagram isn’t as easy as it might seem! You are probably here because you are wondering how to get more likes on Instagram, or maybe you are wondering if likes even matter in 2023. We are here to clear all of this up for you, just keep reading this blog post to learn more.

Do Instagram likes still matter?

Although you can hide likes now, the Instagram algorithm still keeps track of likes, impressions, saves, shares, and other metrics. So, in short— yes. Likes are still an important aspect of overall growth. You shouldn’t solely focus on likes, but you need to do everything you can to get likes on your Instagram posts.

How to get more likes on Instagram: these are our top 10 best tips!

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  • Compatible with the IG algorithm

Some like services for purchasing likes that you’ll find online aren’t compatible with the algorithm. In fact, Instagram might even block or suspend your account if you buy likes from an untrustworthy source. You are trying to pay for engagement, so losing your account is the last thing that you want!

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#2 Consistent content

Don’t just take a good picture! Your photos should be strong, but there is more to getting likes than that. You need to create high-quality video and photo content that is uniform. So, this means that your content needs to match your branding through and through. 

A great example of an account that has consistent, high-quality content is Deux. 

a picture showing the instagram page of eatdeux

Source: @eatdeux

As you can see, their posts are cohesive throughout their feed! Not only do they post high-quality content, but each one of their posts complement each other. This allows their brand image to really shine!

#3 Re-post in-feed content to your stories

a picture showing a screenshot of an instagram story from the account magnolia

Source: @magnolia

Stories can also be helpful because many Instagram users tap through stories instead of scrolling through their feed. So, try adding your posts to your story if you want to get more Instagram likes. There is truly no better way to organically notify your followers that you have posted!

#4 Keep an eye on complementary brands

You should use complementary brands as inspiration! Now, you might be wondering— what are complementary brands? Well, complementary brands are brands that offer products that are compatible with each other. So, these brands’ products are often used together or have a natural association.

The key point here is that complementary brands combination provides a mutually beneficial relationship. You often share a target market group, and you can leverage the shared target market by using brands that complement yours as inspiration.

The most iconic example of complementary brands is Baskin-Robbins and Dunkin Doughnuts! Here’s an example of how they mirror each other effectively:

a picture showing a screenshot of the Instagram page of basket n robins

Source: @baskinrobbins

a picture showing a screenshot of dunkindonuts instagram page

Source: @dunkin

All in all, you should keep an eye on brands that complement yours. They might end up being your biggest inspiration and your partner in crime all at once.

#5 Host giveaways

Who wouldn’t love to enter a giveaway for a chance to win free products?! Just about everyone wants to join giveaways and other contests. So, we highly recommend that you host giveaways on your Instagram profile to boost your engagement.

The easier an Instagram contest is to enter, the more engagement you’ll receive. You can run a liked-base contest to easily get more Instagram likes.

a screenshot a picture on treehut instagram page hosting a giveaway

Source: @treehut

Above is an example of an Instagram giveaway hosted by Tree Hut. All people need to do is like the post, tag a friend in the comments, and follow Tree Hut to enter. Not only is this a great way to get likes, but it is a great way to get new followers. It’s a double win!

#6 Use CTAs to ask people to like your post

a screenshot showing a picture of Disneyanimation instagram page

Source: @disneyanimation

All you need to do is write a call to action in your caption that encourages people to like your post, head to your website, or tag a friend, and you’ll notice a big boost in engagement.

#7 Develop a hashtag strategy

Instagram hashtags are crucial to getting more likes, and that’s why you need a full hashtag strategy. 

There are three basic steps to developing a hashtag strategy that we are going to share with you today.

  • Find the best hashtags for your brand

There are millions of different hashtags on Instagram, but most of them won’t be relevant to your brand. That’s why it’s important to take the time to find the right hashtags.

You don’t want to use general hashtags that are oversaturated with posts, like #Love or #Pretty. Instead, you should find hashtags that directly correlate with your brand.

Luckily, finding hashtags that suit your brand is easy. All you need to do is a basic search on Instagram. If you do end up needing a little extra help, you could also try using ChatGPT to find the best hashtags for your Instagram posts.

  • Create a hashtag sheet

Now that you have the hashtags that suit your brand, you should create a hashtag sheet on excel or google sheets. You should include as many relevant hashtags as you can on this sheet and consider making columns with different focuses.

  • Post with your hashtags

This is the last and most important step! Now that you have your sheet with relevant hashtags, you should select 10-30 hashtags from the sheet that relate to your post and overall brand. You need to use a combination of different hashtags for each post (the algorithm will thank you for this!), so it’s crucial to use the sheet instead of the same hashtags each time.

a picture showing a screenshot of instagram hashtags generated by upwardfarms

Source: @upwardfarms

Overall, hashtags are one of the easiest ways to get noticed, appear on the explore page, and get thousands of likes organically! That’s why we highly recommend you utilize our step-by-step strategy.

#8 Post at the optimal times

When you are using Instagram for business, you need a deliberate strategy and that starts with tracking your success. You need to try posting at different times, determine which time of day is best for you to post on Instagram, and then post at that same time every day.

If you randomly post without considering when your audience is active on Instagram, your post won’t get as many likes and may not even be seen by your audience.

#9 Collaborator posts

Collaborator reels and static posts are posts that are hosted on 2 different accounts, so users can find the post on either account. Collaborator content is great for everyone as you are combining your followers, making it easier to get more likes.

a picture showing a screenshot of a collaboration between hm and muglerofficial on Instagram

Source: @hm & @muglerofficial

As you can see above, the reel is hosted by both accounts. This makes it much easier overall for both accounts to get more likes!

#10 Tag your location

Tagging your location will help people find you, and it can also help you rank higher on IG’s algorithm. So, we highly recommend you tag your location and change up the location if you can.

For example: if you have a real estate business, there are a variety of different ways you can go about switching up the locations that you geo tag. These are some great examples of geotags for a realtor:

  • The exact location of your businesses’ headquarters
  • Any other locations that belong to the company
  • The city and state a given listing is based out of
a picture showing a screenshot of luxury homes instagram page using the tag to increase visibility in people searching for Bahamas

Source: @luxuryhomes

As a real estate company, you definitely share luxury home content, and using location geo tags is how people will find you who are looking for homes in your area! This will get you more likes on your post and potentially even more followers.

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The bottom line

We hope this blog helped you understand how to get more Likes on Instagram! Getting more IG likes won’t always work overnight, but you’ll see a boost in likes if you use our tips long-term.

Head to our website to learn more about Skweezer and start supercharging your IG likes!