07 March

How to get more followers on Instagram

So many people wonder how to get more followers on Instagram. Whether it's to grow your business, promote a social cause, or share your life with others, more followers equals more engagement and notice around what you're doing. Most people start with friends, family, and professional acquaintances to build their following but once all of those individuals have followed you, where do you go from there? Below are a few tips on how to get more followers on Instagram in a way that will up engagement and help ensure your content is seen by the right audience at the right time.

Make your username, bio, and captions on brand

Most people pick a username and populate their Instagram account based on what they want to post instead of thinking of what a potential follower might expect or want to see. Making sure your username, bio, and captions are relevant to potential followers is one way to get more followers on Instagram and make sure you are easily visible. For example, if you run a sewing Instagram account, you might want to incorporate sewing into your username and bio in addition to hash tagging all image captions with #sewing and any other relevant hashtag.

Create and content calendar and schedule content

Especially at the beginning of the process of working to get more followers on Instagram, establishing brand tone and frequency is key to keeping current followers engaged and picking up new followers. Creating a day when followers can expect new, relevant content is essential to continuing to grow your brand and getting more followers as erratic posting can turn off even the most dedicated follower if they are bored or don't know what to expect from your account. For example, the abovementioned sewing account might consider Monday, Wednesday, and Friday postings with one being a "how to," another being sewing news, and the last being information a follower can take into the weekend. To make your content worth watching, buy views for Instagram on our website.

Get others to post your content

One of the best ways to get more followers on Instagram is having others post your content in order to get it in front of new, relevant audiences. Working with others to cross-post content is an organic way to grow your Instagram followers and brand in addition to opening the door for future collaborations that could benefit multiple accounts and lead to revenue generation opportunities. For example, a sewing account could partner with a leading sewing influencer on a type of thread or particular pattern that is best used.

Avoid fake followers

Just like fake friends, fake followers can bring down your ability to organically grow when you're working to get more followers on Instagram. In addition to not buying followers, you should periodically check in and see if the accounts following you seem to be bots.

No matter what your question on how to get more followers on Instagram is, we're here to help. Stay tuned to this page for more tips and tricks on how to get more followers on Instagram.

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