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You can write your own comments and we will make sure they're delivered to the post you selected.

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The comments you pay for come from accounts created by real people.

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Write custom Instagram comments

You can write your own comments meaning you are fully in control over your audience. Simply select your post, write the comments, and we will deliver them through accounts created by real people in our network.

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Love the fact I can write my own custom comments. Major gamechanger in the IG boost industry. Keep it up, this will help me get more followers.

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1st October 2019

Ordered 50 Custom Instagram Comments to try it out and I'm amazed by the results. I will definitely order more. Do you guys have reseller options? As I'd be interested.

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15th August 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these comments real?
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Yes. You can write your own comments and we deliver them to your post via accounts created by real people in our network.

Can I lose comments?
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Unless you or the person you purchased comments for manually removes the comment, you cannot lose them.

Is this safe?
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Yes. The comments that you pay for come from accounts created by real people. Getting comments from these accounts is completely safe for your account.

Grow Your Instagram Custom Comments

Instagram Custom Comments are more important than ever in 2022. Why?

Instagram is undeniably one of the most essential social media platforms, and how we utilize it is even more crucial. We've heard a lot of people say how significant likes, comments, and followers are on this platform.

Many firms use social media as a marketing channel because of its enormous user base. They usually buy personalized Instagram comments online for a variety of reasons. Here's why it's so important to your entire digital success:

Customer feedback

Things are working, as evidenced by new comments on your post. It shows potential customers that the company has a sufficient number of customers. From the client's point of view, it's exactly what they want to see: likes and comments galore. This is why it's critical to devise a strategy for increasing the number of comments on your post. One of the best pieces of digital visibility tips visual marketers will give you is to engage with your customers through comments.

Social evidence

A large number of comments demonstrates your social media profile's popularity. Looking at the engagement on their posts can tell you a lot about a business profile. A profile with a lot of comments indicates that they have a large following. When you see a company that has been active for years and just has a few thousand likes, you know something is wrong. It's a measure of how social you are.

A new neighborhood

New likes, follows, and comments indicate that the Instagram community has grown. Newcomers help to keep the community fresh and revive a dying community. Their responses inspire others to participate. Comments assist you in growing your following.

New followers are crucial to your profile's success. It improves interaction and allows you to reach a larger audience.

Business opportunity

If the goal of your company profile is to develop relationships with new fans and followers, each new comment is cause for celebration. Comments can assist keep customers engaged and guide them along the sales funnel, leading to prospective business.

It is necessary for businesses to recognize the importance of customer feedback and to embrace what is most important to them. A good connection is built on trust, which leads to loyalty. To increase revenues, make sure you create solid relationships with your followers through comments.

A popular indicator

Instagram channels with a high number of comments on their photographs are among the most popular, indicating high engagement. If you're sharing photographs and get no comments despite having a large Instagram following, you should reconsider your strategy and create more engaging and insightful content.

More comments on your Instagram channel indicate that your business has grown in popularity, owing to your ability to create engaging material that many people enjoy. This is one of the characteristics to consider when looking for an influencer to promote your business because it indicates a large community that can be converted to buy your products. That is why Instagram influencers seek to post engaging content on a regular basis to keep their followers engaged.

Gain brand recognition

If you're an influencer looking to collaborate with businesses to promote their products, you'll need to improve the quality of your material and find new ways to engage your audience. These days, brands are cautious about employing influencers who will provide tangible results, and one of the indicators that you are the ideal fit is your Instagram comments.

Consider the situation where you have a million Instagram followers but only 100 comments and likes on each of your photographs. That is a clue that the audience isn't real, and choosing an influencer based on such stats isn't a good idea. You should work on establishing a large network of real users so that when you share material, they may provide feedback.

Trust is demonstrated by audience engagement.

In order to get businesses to promote through your channel, the majority of them will consider audience engagement as one of the criteria that influence their decision. Your audience is receptive and trusts your channel, and the stuff you share is important and relevant, as evidenced by comments. A high level of engagement demonstrates that your Instagram followers are actual individuals who are interested in what you have to offer, making it easier to persuade marketers that you have the greatest platform for marketing. Every company wants to work with an influencer that has a positive relationship with the people who watch their channel.

Should you then purchase feedback?

Now that you know that Instagram comments are one of the indicators used to determine the popularity of your channel, you may be considering purchasing comments. If you can't acquire comments naturally, buying comments could imply you're getting them from services that use phony profiles or bots, which isn't the same as genuine involvement. That means that any brand that advertises on your channel will not get a good return on their investment because the audience is fake. It's a clever approach to deceive marketers, but the outcomes will expose you as a con artist, perhaps damaging your channel's reputation.

So, how can you naturally increase engagement?

Instead than buying false Instagram comments, focus on naturally increasing engagement. This is a process, and once you understand how to go about it, you can accomplish a lot. Change your content sharing approach to include high-quality stuff that a large number of people would enjoy seeing. Take high-quality images and spend time editing them to improve the content.

Instagram has captivated marketers and businesses as one of the most popular social media channels. Engagement on Instagram is a crucial indicator of how people react to the brand's efforts, which is why you should focus on producing high-quality content. To increase engagement and campaign performance, naturally gain followers and share the most original content with them.

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