07 March

Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account

Starting an Instagram account is fun, thrilling, and exciting to most people but once you sign up, where do you go from there? All the interesting and unique content in the world won't be of much use if no one is following your account. As an Instagram enthusiast, you probably continually wonder about ways to grow your Instagram account, so your content is seen by as many people as possible. Below, we'll detail tips and tricks so you can master the ways you can master the ways to grow your Instagram account.

Post at least once a day

Posting at least once a day is a tried and true way to grow your Instagram account. By posting at least once a day, your followers can reliably count on fresh content that is either generating engagement or reacting to something trending on Instagram. For example, a craft account may post once a day throughout the year but ramp up the number of posts near the holidays when many people are thinking about making gifts for friends, family, and other loved ones in anticipation of the end of the month.

Use videos, stories, and live videos to your advantage

Post content that will live permanently on your Instagram account is a great way to begin growth. However, one of the ways for you to grow your Instagram account in a quicker way is to use videos, stories, and live videos to your advantage. Giving followers a more in-depth look at your interests makes them feel part of the action and can humanize the account if needed. For example, if the Instagram account is baking-themed, using a live video to demonstrate the recipe in real-time (bloopers included) will allow some followers to cook along with the account. You can then post the edited, polished video to the account and include some bloopers and other outtakes in the stories as a 24-hour exclusive.

Use hashtags and share user-generated content

Getting and keeping followers engaged is a crucial way to grow your Instagram account. By using hashtags, you can ensure that your content will be part of the conversation and will be close to the top of the results for any search done on a particular topic. Additionally, sharing user-generated content will not only create good feeling among your followers, your followers will likely re-share it in some form to their followers helping grow your account in the meantime. For example, if a follower creates a doodle of you, you can reshare it on your account to highlight the follower in addition to using it as new content for a story or post.

Although we've listed just a few ways to grow your Instagram account, there are many more that can quickly and efficiently do so. Continue to watch our site for more ways to grow your Instagram account so your content can be seen by people worldwide.

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