Choosing a quality social media growth service that is both effective and budget-friendly can be head-scratching. We have compared Skweezer and Buzzoid in this review to give you a clear picture of what you get from each service. Read this full review to determine which service suits your social media marketing needs. 

Every business needs an effective online presence. However, nowadays, achieving a huge following in a short amount of time is not as easy as it once was on social media. That’s why social media growth tools can be a great help to boost your engagement and grow your audience fast.

Choosing the perfect social media growth service for your business requirements can be tricky. You need one that is effective, doesn’t put your social media account at risk of being suspended from Instagram, and is within your budget. To help you find the perfect social media marketing growth tool, we will compare Skweezer and Buzzoid today. 

This review will help you get a clear view of these services and choose one that is perfect for your business needs. 

Skweezer VS Buzzoid: The Company’s Approach


It is an Instagram growth service agency based in Hong Kong. This service solely focuses on increasing users’ Instagram profile engagement via their service, i.e., Instagram likes, comments, views, followers, and blue tick service. They don’t offer growth services for any other social platform. 

According to the agency, they give their users real followers to whom the company pays a share of the profit. Their website has an easy to navigate layout and is pretty secure when providing your payment information. The fact that they share how they get your followers and engagement when you use the service is a plus. Many social growth companies make bold claims like “real users” but never explain how they provide you with this quality.


Buzzoid also provides Instagram profile engagement and followers (and doesn’t service any other platform). The website claims to work with real users, which they provide to their customers.

Buzzoid also has a neat and easy-to-use interference. You can find every service they offer on the top bar menu. Their website is secured on HTTPS (like Skweezer) so sharing your credit card information is safe. 

Social Media Growth Strategy of Skweezer VS Buzzoid


Skweezer claims that they have a huge user base which they share with their users. And in exchange for following their customers, those users get a share in profit. The company also explains that they provide users who are interested in your niche. If it works this way, then there is a big chance you will get an audience that will engage with your content and last longer. 

However, the company does not clear its process of helping you get a blue tick. Every Instagram user knows only Instagram’s official team decides which users will get a blue tick, so this process is a little confusing. 


Unfortunately, Buzzoid does not explain their process to get your real followers. They do say they also have a huge user base which they share with customers. However, it is unclear whether they provide a profit share to those followers or how they determine which user will be given to which customer. Do they choose users based on their interest in a particular customer niche or do they just influx users randomly? 

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Skweezer VS Buzzoid: Features & Prices


Buying Instagram Followers

Skweezer sells two types of followers: “High-quality followers” and ”Premium quality followers.” According to the website, both followers are real, but high-quality followers only have profile pictures and no posts. However, if you buy premium quality followers, these people also have profile pictures and some posts available on their page. 

The packages for high-quality followers start from $2.49 for 250 followers to 15,000 followers for $54.99. With these packages, you get the following:

  • High quality 
  • Fast delivery 
  • 1-year refill guarantee 

Whereas packages for premium followers start from $8.99 for 500 followers to $47.99 for 5,000 followers. With these packages, you will get the following:

  • Real and active followers 
  • Gradual delivery 
  • 1-year refill guarantee 

Buying Instagram Likes

Skweezer sells Instagram likes, too. The company claims to provide likes from real people, and its prices start from $1 for 50 likes to $174.99 for 100,000 likes. You can also split your likes into different posts so that Instagram may not get suspicious. 

Buying Instagram Views

The company sells video views, and its packages start from $1 for 100 views to $139.99 for 150,000 views. The delivery for these views is instant, and the company says they offer quality followers.

Buying Instagram Comments

This package is very useful as Skweezer offers customizable comments. You can get customized comments for your post, and their packages start from $1.79 for 30 comments to $389.29 for 10,000 comments. 

Buy Instagram Verification

As we mentioned earlier, the company also sells Instagram verification services to its customers. However, to buy this service, Skweezer will ask you to provide your account username and email address. They check your account, and if it passes eligibility, then you can buy this package. We’re still unsure of how they can offer the blue tick that is supposedly only Instagram generated.


Buying Instagram Followers

Like Skweezer, Buzzoid also sells its followers into two different categories: “high quality” and “active followers’’. High-quality followers do not have any posts available, only profile pictures. By choosing the active followers, you will get followers who will engage with your profile and they have profile images and posts available. 

The price for high-quality followers starts from $2.90 for 100 followers to $39.99 for 5,000 followers. However, the prices for active followers start from $11.99 for 500 real and active followers to $84.99 for 500 active followers. 

Buying Instagram Likes

Buzzoid sells its likes services into two categories; high-quality likes and premium likes. The prices for a high-quality likes package start from $1.47 for 50 likes to $88.99 for 10,000 likes. Whereas the prices for premium quality likes start from $3.49 for 50 likes to $199.99 for 10,000 likes. 

Buying Instagram Views

Buzzoid views package starts from $1.99 for 500 views to $74.99 for 50,000 views. The company has mentioned clearly that these views will drop to your videos instantly. We already know the Instagram algorithm can detect instant views and can sometimes damage your account. 

Buying Instagram Comments

Buzzoid does not sell comments, so you can’t buy from this company if you need to buy comments. 

Customer Reviews

Skweezer and Buzzoid have various 5-star testimonials available on their official website. However, to know what their former customers have to say about them, we will review their Trustpilot customer reviews. 

Skweezer Trustpilot Reviews

The company has 228 customer reviews available at Trustpilot with an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. That’s a super high rating. 

Here is what their previous customers have to say about the service. 

Mostly all Skweezer reviews are positive. Even the reviews that are not 5 out of 5 stars those reviews are also positive. You can go through more reviews about the company at Trustpilot. 

Buzzoid Trustpilot Reviews 

Unfortunately, Buzzoid does not have a profile available at Trustpilot. If you search for at Trustpilot, you will find this. 

As Buzzoid profile cannot be accessed at Trustpilot that is why we reviewed their former customers’ comments at Sitejabber. 

Buzzoid Sitejabber Reviews

Buzzoid has 85 reviews with an overall rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.

 Here are their most positive and critical reviews. 

Buzzoid has pretty good reviews available at Sitejabber; however, it is still concerning that their Trustpilot website is not accessible. 

Why shouldn’t you buy Instagram followers?

Does it help you to buy Instagram followers or not?

  • No long-term value 

A service like Buzzoid doesn’t help your reputation in the long run. Based on how many people follow you, your rate of engagement will be low. Influence can grow your Instagram when real people follow your account, but it can’t grow with fake, empty accounts.

  • Bringing credibility down

If most of your Instagram followers are fake, it could hurt your credibility if your real followers find out.

  • It’s impossible to know how big the effect is.

if some of your followers are fake, you can’t be sure if people are interested in your brand. You have to know if your pictures and stories are liked by the audience. How can you tell if the audience is fake?



Buzzoid is a little risky because it could mess up your Instagram account. The Instagram algorithm can spot fake followers, which could get you banned from this social network for good.


You can use Skweezer without worrying that it will get your profile into trouble. According to Instagram’s rules, it’s safe to use because we don’t give your profile a fake following. Instead, we offer a service that helps your profile grow naturally.

Customer Support


There is customer service for Buzzoid, but reviews say it’s not very helpful.


We’re especially proud of how well we treat our customers. You can talk to your manager at any time, or you can contact us through our website or email. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Skweezer VS Buzzoid Final Verdict

We have reviewed both companies, from their service offerings to customer reviews. Here is our final verdict for both of these brands.


Skweezer is a solely Instagram growth service company that has been offering its services for quite some years. They sell services like Instagram likes, views, comments, followers, and blue tick verification. Compared to other services, their prices are quite reasonable, and they also have hundreds of happy customers (proof of their quality service is their Trustpilot reviews). 


Buzzoid is also a total Instagram growth service. It offers services like Instagram views, likes, and followers. They don’t sell comments, and their prices are also reasonable compared to other social media growth services. However, their Trustpilot profile potentially being banned and mixed Sitejabber reviews are concerning if you choose to go with this service. 

All in all, both services are pretty useful and have some amazing off-site reviews available too. We have mentioned every aspect of the tools for you so that you make an informed decision. Now which service you choose to go with is completely up to you. 

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