Instagram baddies are the hottest new trend, and everyone wants to be one. The flawless, utterly chic style of an Instagram baddie is something to aspire to. Not only can earning the title of “IG Baddie” up your social media game, but it can also help you score some major real-life business deals.

From getting started to growing your audience, this article will cover everything you need to know to make your baddie dreams a reality.

What is an Instagram Baddie?

If you’re reading this article, you have probably caught the IG baddie fever that is quickly sweeping the nation. An Instagram baddie is a woman who posts primarily styled photos of herself on the social media platform.

These women have mastered the art of taking a great photo, and they use their platform to showcase their personal brands. Oftentimes, an IG baddie will have a signature style, which she uses to set herself apart from other users on the platform.

What Makes You a Baddie?

There is no one answer to this question. Every baddie is unique, and there are many different qualities that can make someone a baddie. However, there are a few key characteristics that most Instagram baddies share.

First and foremost, an IG baddie has great style. This does not mean that she necessarily spends a lot of money on her clothing or that she always wears designer labels.

Instead, a baddie has a unique sense of style that allows her to stand out from the crowd. She knows how to put together an outfit, and she is not afraid to take fashion risks.

In addition to having great style, an Instagram baddie is also confident. She is not afraid to show off her body, and she knows how to work the camera.

A baddie is also usually very well-educated in the world of beauty. She knows all the latest trends and she always looks flawless.

Finally, an Instagram baddie is typically successful in other areas of her life as well. She might have a successful career, a large social media following, or a popular blog.

What Does a Baddie Girl Look Like?

Again, there is no one answer to this question. An IG baddie can be any type of woman. The tell-tale signs of a baddie are commonly physical, but there are plenty of baddies that have adopted a theme, such as cosplay.

The important thing to remember is that an IG baddie is ultimately defined by her unique sense of style.

And, because the goal of the baddie look is to be flawless, most baddies tend to have similar physical features. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Full, accentuated lips
  • Contoured cheekbones
  • Highlighted skin
  • Bold & striking hairstyle

Who are Famous Instagram Baddies?

There are many different women who could be considered Instagram baddies. Here are a few examples:

1. Kylie Jenner – Kylie is the ultimate example of an IG baddie. She has over 100 million followers on the platform, and she is constantly posting new photos of her stylish outfits. 

2. Chiara Ferragni – Chiara is an Italian fashion blogger who has built a massive following on Instagram. She often posts photos of her outfits, as well as pictures of herself with other celebrities.

3. Rihanna – Rihanna is another superstar who frequently posts photos on Instagram. In addition to being a baddie, she is also considered to be one of the most popular women on the platform.

4. Emily Ratajkowski – Emily is a model and actress who is best known for her work in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She frequently posts photos of herself in various states of undress, and she is not afraid to show off her body.

5. Kim Kardashian – Kim is one of the most successful women in the world, and she is also considered to be an IG baddie. She frequently posts photos of herself, her family, and her friends. 

These are examples of famous baddies on Instagram, but there are lots of other, less well-known women who could also be considered baddies.

The Steps to Becoming an Instagram Baddie

The steps to becoming an Instagram baddie are actually pretty simple. But, just because something is simple does not mean it is easy. Let’s start with the basics:

1. Find Your Signature Style & Develop a Personal Brand Around It

The first step is to find your signature style. This is the style that you will use to set yourself apart from other users on the platform.

You can find your signature style by looking at other baddies on Instagram and seeing what you like. Once you have found a few looks that you like, start experimenting with them until you find something that works for you.

Once you’ve found your personal style, you’ll need to develop a personal brand. Your personal brand is what makes you unique. It’s what sets you apart from other users on the platform.

To develop your personal brand, you’ll need to create a persona that you can use when posting on Instagram. This persona should be an extension of your personal style.

For example, if you’re a girly girl, your persona might be sweet and bubbly. If you’re more of a tomboy, your persona might be cool and collected.

Everything from your username to your bio to the photos you post should reflect your persona.

How Can I Choose a Baddie Username?

To find the perfect baddie username, you’ll need to think about what makes you unique. Once you’ve figured that out, try to incorporate it into your username.

For example, if you’re a makeup lover, your username could be something like “countourbaddie” or “cottagecorebaddie.” If you’re into fashion, your username could be “stylishbaddie” or “outfitofthedaybaddie.”

2. Create a Beauty Routine

The second step is to create a beauty routine that you can use to achieve the baddie look. This routine should include all of the products and techniques that you will need to perfect your makeup, hair, and nails.

Need we say once again: Keep it on-brand.

3. Create a Baddie-Approved Instagram Feed

The key to a baddie-approved Instagram feed is to make sure that all of your photos are high quality. This means that they should be well-lit, in focus, and edited.

You should also make sure to vary the types of photos you post. This means posting a mix of selfies, outfit photos, lifestyle photos, etc. Keep it real, keep it original, and most importantly, keep it stylish.

4. Grow Your Following & Engage With Other Users

The best way to grow your following is to engage with other users on the platform. This means liking and commenting on their photos, as well as tagging them in your own photos.

You should also try to post interesting and engaging content that will encourage other users to follow you. And, last but not least, don’t forget to use hashtags!

You can also use hashtags to reach new users and get more people to follow you.

5. Take Flawless Photos

Remember, an IG baddie is defined by her sense of style, and her photos should reflect that.

To take flawless photos, you will need to find the right lighting, angles, and poses. Learn how to create the mood, set the scene, and style your photos. Don’t forget props and backdrops!

6. Use the Right Instagram Filters

Instagram filters can help you create a certain look for your photos. They can also make your photos look more polished and professional.

When it comes to choosing the right filters, less is more. Try to stick with one or two filters that you really like and that work well with your personal style.

7. Edit Your Photos Like a Pro

Editing your photos is an important part of perfecting your baddie Instagram feed. There are a few different things you can do to edit your photos, like using filters, adjusting the brightness, and adding text.

If you’re not sure how to edit your photos like a pro, there are plenty of tutorials available online. Just do a quick search on YouTube or Google and you’ll find everything you need.

8. Be Confident

Photos can capture the depths of our souls. They can show who we truly are, and that’s why it’s important to be confident in front of the camera.

You absolutely must be confident in yourself and your abilities. Baddies are unapologetically themselves, and they know what they want.

The best way to exude confidence is by practicing good posture, making eye contact, and smiling.

9. Stay Consistent

This means posting new photos on a regular basis and keeping your followers engaged. It might take some time and effort, but it is vital to maintain your baddie status once you have achieved it.

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