05 December 2019

How To Grow Your Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking sites today. It’s a platform where anybody can get to socialize by posting, sharing and following fellow users. 

Years after its release, this site became more than just a fun application for sharing pictures. Most of its users made use of the app for business. It now offers plenty of lucrative opportunities when it comes to  advertising and sponsoring brands. So far, a lot of them was able to find success in getting clients.

But, getting customers is as tedious as getting followers to like your posts. How can you get the attention of these people on that website?  

Some people make use of automated bots. These bots would be the one acquiring followers for you while you do other things.

They do the talking and liking in every post, engaging with other users. Convenient, yes, but it is illegal. It removes the essence of communicating since bots have general replies to all.

As hard as it may sound, you can have a million followers without using robots. With a little determination, you can grow your Instagram the natural way.

The list below are tips to get you thriving on the site, whether it is for business or not.

Know whose attention you are grabbing

In business, you should know who your target audience is before presenting your ideas. Determining what type of people are you trying to catch would help in gaining more followers.

Insta users span many different age groups from 15 to 60+ years old. It is safe to say that they vary in preferences. 

You can try deciding which age group you are trying to attract by posting something they would like.

For example, people who are into fashion trends would likely follow posts of clothing brands. Art enthusiasts support users who post their artwork. Look for your audience and start posting.

Be unique 

This may seem like broad advice but it’s important. With a million users logging in, you are bound to find one or more fellow users that have similar content as yours. So, throw away some of those generic or cliché ideas and start thinking outside the box.

Look for ways to stand out among the others. May it be a picture taken from a different perspective or changing the color palette of the photo.

Set up your own style or make a theme. There are so many ways to do so. 

Use hashtags

Hashtags are helpful in making your post known to the public. It is also a perfect way to advertise your products catching people's attention. Soon, others would start using them to advertise you to non-followers. 

Make sure only to use relevant hashtags that focus on your posts. No need to add common hashtags used by most (#morning, #photography, etc.).

Try to limit the number of hashtags. Lesser hashtags make your content look more professional and organized.

Use IG stories

Several users have started to make use of stories to publish their content. This is another way of introducing your product and shows credibility to what you do. Using stories to boost followers is as effective as using hashtags. 

Get creative

Your post would mean nothing if it is too dull or bland to look into. Explore more ways to take shots. If you would add captions set a mood for the readers. 

Adjust the brightness or tone the image if needed. Make it pleasing enough to get people to click on your feed.

Try to think of new ideas after every post for your followers to see. You can try using patterns or be unpredictable. Make monthly themes for them to look forward. 

Support others

How are you supposed to rise if you do not do the same to others? Following others would let you see their way of expressing themselves on the site. It would give you ideas and you can get tips from them as well. 

Do not follow others expecting they would do the same. And as much as possible, follow users who are also in your niche. Remember not to make a competition out of everything and help others to succeed. 

Tag other users on your posts and their followers might follow you too. Advertise their products if it does not conflict with yours. 

Following other users could give rise to future clients. It encourages interaction in the site and followers would have a good impression of you. 

Attract followers from other platforms

Use your other social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter to invite others. Some public figures promote their other social accounts on Facebook pages.

If you happen to have a huge number of followers on other platforms, invite them to follow you on Instagram. If they like your feeds and tweets, there’s a good chance that they would like your Insta posts as well.

Follow trends

Is it possible to be unique despite following what is trendy? Of course. Following trends does not mean you would copy what others do. Do it in your style, that way people can distinguish you from others.

Knowing what is trendy could also help you with what products to introduce to the people. For example, if winter is coming, why not endorse warm clothing?

You can try to make trends of your own and see if others would be in it. Trendy subjects started small until people got invested in it, so don't doubt and give it a go.

Interact with your followers

Who would want to follow someone who doesn't reply to a single comment? Sometimes it is reasonable to ignore some. But, refusing to respond to queries by your followers are rude. 

A simple thank you now and then would not be so bad. Comment and like their posts, and be sincere. Show to them that you are approachable and fun to interact with.

If you are using your account for business purposes, be friendly but learn where to draw the line. Some customers might take advantage of your leniency. 

Last but not least, have fun. Remember that social media is not only for other people to enjoy what you post; it is also for you. Don't force yourself to post something you hate for the sake of followers. Enjoy what you do, what you follow, and what you post.