It is no more a news that Instagram can help a business grow. The only thing you need to know is how to improve your Instagram profile in a way that it yields best results. 

In this article, I’ll show you how to use three simple strategies to ensure that your Instagram account looks attractive and works properly. As I previously stated, the tips and methods are easy, but they can significantly assist you in taking your account to the next level.

Create a strong bio

Your Instagram bio is generally the first thing people see when they visit your page, and as we all know, first impressions count! That said, your bio should be tailored so that new visitors immediately understand who you are and what you’re about! As you start looking for answers to how to improve Instagram profile, creating an eye-catchy bio would be the best advice.

Consider your bio to be a biography for whatever you’re advertising on Instagram. Are you a store owner? Great! What do you have to offer? Premium denim for men? Handcrafted jewelry, perhaps? Straightforwardly inform the audience. If your company has one, you can utilize it to enhance this section of your bio. Feel free to have some fun with it, but remember to keep it short!

You should tell folks what you want them to do after explaining who you are. A strong bio should always include a call to action, whether you want people to visit and browse your online store, subscribe to your newsletter, or simply follow you.

You can only put ONE clickable link in ONE spot on your Instagram profile, and guess where that is? The bio! The link to your website is the last and often most crucial component of your page. That’s where you want folks to go if you’re selling something. If you have a blog, your link will direct people to it.

It is critical to provide context to your website so that visitors understand what to expect. Text like “click to shop” or “use code INSTA for 15% off checkout” is a good method to introduce your website. You’ll also want to keep the link looking tidy, so use a bit if the URL is long. at its proper location!


Expert Tip: Using emojis to bring attention to your link or to enhance your bio is another wonderful method to make your page stand out.

Recognize Hashtags

We’ve got the bio down pat. Let’s talk about hashtags now, you know, the symbol that used to be known as the pound sign. Using hashtags in your images is a terrific method to gain new followers and increase the number of people who see your photos. Finding the correct ones, on the other hand, might be difficult at times! When determining which hashtags to use, keep the following three guidelines in mind:

#1 Please be specific! If you offer luxury timepieces, for example, #LuxuryWatch is a good hashtag to use.

#2 Stay current. Avoid hashtags with broad definitions, such as #picture or #watch. Hashtags help your images stand out and connect with other people who share your interests. You’ll attract the attention of folks who are interested in your page if you choose a meaningful, niche-specific hashtag.

#3 Pay attention to what other people are doing! Look at what other hashtags are being used by successful accounts in your niche. You can see how many other people are using a hashtag by clicking on it, and then determine whether it is popular and relevant enough for you to utilize!

Between the comments and descriptions on your photo, Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags. That appears to be a lot, and it is! If you have a lot of hashtags, we recommend adding them in the comments using a particular formula to keep your post looking clean. Instead of being displayed as an unsightly block of hashtags, your hashtags will be concealed beneath the text but still searchable! Copy/paste the formula below and fill in your hashtags to keep things appearing clean when it comes to utilizing hashtags in the comments:


Develop a content distribution strategy

Because Instagram is a visual platform, it’s critical to make your content visually appealing, both as individual photographs and as an entire account. Because your profile reflects who you are, you have complete control over how you wish to promote yourself. So, amongst all the tips to improve an instagram profile, building a visual approach that attracts most reach is a fruitful one.

It is critical to maintaining a theme by posting content consistent with who you are. You can experiment with a variety of different themes visually, but make sure to pick one and stick with it. Publishing black and white photographs only, posting vibrant and colorful photos only, alternating between photos and quotes, adhering to a specific sort of photo like as flat lay photos, and alternating between product photos and lifestyle photos are some of the methods I’ve seen popular accounts adopt. Here are a few screenshots of visually stunning profiles to get you inspired:

Every day, increase engagement with comparable types of accounts.

Instagram’s primary rule is that engagement begets engagement. You can improve your account by interacting with the accounts of other users. The amount of time spent on similar accounts determines the quality and quantity of engagement on Instagram. Check the following methods to find a comparable sort of account:

  • Always look at Instagram’s suggestions for content that you like or by category.
  • Search for accounts that appear using keywords. Then type them into the search bar, then choose ‘People’. For the most relevant matches, look for specific keywords.
  • By typing a hashtag into the search bar, you can find relevant hashtags to browse.

Once you have found the relevant accounts, you can use it to improve your instagram profile. Interact with all of them in one way or the other and your engagement rate will eventually keep improving.

Determine the best time to post

Posting at the wrong moment would reduce Instagram engagement. Instagram engagement increases when you publish when your audience is most active. So, if your plan is to improve your instagram profile, you have to dig deeper to understand the algorithm and find out the time when your global audience is the most active. If you schedule and post your content at the same time, your engagement level will increase tremendously.

Spend some time watching and tracking, as well as doing some Instagram analysis, to learn about the optimal time to publish to draw an audience. By examining the highest performing posts from the previous month’s data, the “Best Time to Post feature” automatically predicts 7 top publishing times. Because each Instagram account has distinct instagram followers from various time zones, always choose the optimum time to publish on Instagram. More individuals will follow in this manner, and engagement will rise.

Use Instagram Stories Stickers to interact.

Every day, more than 500 million Instagram users utilize Instagram Stories. Multiple filters, location tagging, and gifs are among the options available on Instagram Stories. Instagram stories are a good place to start for influencer marketing. Quiz Sticker and Countdown Sticker are two Instagram Stories stickers that encourage followers to react, interact, and share their thoughts and experiences. This mode of interaction is the most yielding and can improve instagram profile of both personal and professional accounts because of the excitement it builds.

Examine the New Content

A lot of the Instagram algorithm sees your post as appealing to your followers’ choices, which causes it to appear in their feeds right away. This is known as engagement in the first hour, which improves engagement right away. Participate in other posts before and after you write your own. Within the first hour of posting, this will enhance the number of followers who visit your profile. Trial and error, as well as content experimentation, can help you develop a more effective technique for gaining followers.

Content that is “Saveable”

Focusing on content is amongst the best tips to improve an instagram profile. Even the top marketing experts agree that content strategy can save a business even if it has started experiencing stagnation in their engagement. Along with the comments and shares sections, the Instagram saves button promotes interaction. Always produce more material that encourages people to save.

“Saveable content” is stuff that people will want to come back to after a while. Carousel posts with useful suggestions and information enhance the number of saves, allowing viewers to return to the post when they need the information.

Travel content makers, for example, can engage followers by sharing mini-blog style material and facts about their location.