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No password required - usually processed within 48 hours.

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Will you need my password?

No, we won't need your password. In case we agree on proceeding with your request, we'll just need the email address on your account.

What are the requirements?

  • Minimum 6 characters
  • Public figures / Influencers only
  • No generic names such as 'dog', 'pizza', 'house' etc.
  • Your account has to be set to public

What is the turn-arround time?

After approval and payment requests are usually processed within 24-48 hours, sometimes it can take Instagram some more time to review the request.

Fast processing

How it works

We can claim Instagram usernames that are inactive, or show as unavailable as long as it's for a public figure, and the length of the username is minimum 6 characters. WE DO NOT SUPPORT BRANDS, GENERIC NAMES OR NAMES SHORTER THAN 6 CHARACTERS. PUBLIC FIGURES/INFLUENCERS ONLY.


What are the benefits?

Having a shorter username on Instagram will make your profile look more professional and therefore increase your chances in organically growing your account.

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This service is amazing! Finally got rid of the 'official' in my username which makes my profile look more professional.

17th February 2020

THE BEST! Finally got the username I wanted, it was taken by an inactive account but Skweezer managed to get it for me.

1st February 2020