The catch is that the Instagram algorithm builds a personalized feed for each user based on their activity by sorting the most relevant stuff. As a result, it’s only logical that you’ll have to outsmart the algorithm in order to organically reach your target audience.

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How to Handle Comments on Instagram

It takes more work, which is one of the reasons why some individuals avoid working on getting more comments. You must not only make an attempt to obtain more comments, but you must also manage them. You’ll need to respond to real comments while hiding cyberbullying comments.

This may appear time-consuming, but if you have a comment management plan in place as part of your Instagram management strategy, you can do it in five to ten minutes per day.

The trick is to schedule this time every day. You can accomplish this on the go with your mobile device or with a management solution that includes an inbox where all messages are collected.

Now that you understand the significance of comments and how to manage them, here are the most effective tried-and-true approaches!

8 Ways To Increase The Number Of Likes On Your Instagram Post

1. Provide Your Audience With Useful Content

Content that offers value to users is rewarded by the algorithm. You can maintain a high level of interaction regardless of how frequently the Instagram algorithm changes by continually posting valuable material.

You’ll need the following to generate and post material on a regular basis:

An Appropriate Niche

You must classify your content into one or more suitable niches for your brand. Determine who your target audience is and personalize your material to their interests and preferences. People will be more likely to follow and connect with your material if they can relate to it.

Aesthetic Appeal

Use brand colors, typefaces, and style to create a visually appealing Instagram profile. Because Instagram is primarily a visual medium, it’s critical to build an appealing style to entice viewers to follow and engage with your content.

A Comprehensive Scheduler

It’s like shooting in the dark on Instagram if you don’t have a content calendar. Before you can create the graphics and write the captions, you must first brainstorm and jot down innovative ideas. You can start publishing whenever you have some stuff available!

Remember that your followers will only interact with your content if you provide them with something useful or relatable. If you’re not sure what kind of material your audience wants to view, you might want to use Instagram stories to conduct some market research. People enjoy participating in surveys, inquiries, and discussions. It’s a fun approach to collect a lot of data.

2. Make the most of all content formats

What began as an image-sharing platform has evolved into a multimedia social networking platform!

Creating so much material in so many different formats, on the other hand, is no easy task. When you hit a snag, you may find yourself scurrying for new ideas.

3. Select the Most Appropriate Time To Post

Posting at the most ideal times is a simple technique to fool the Instagram algorithm. The optimal time to upload content, according to Instagram expert Sue B Zimmerman, is when the majority of your followers are online.

How do you know when your target audience is online?

  • Instagram Insights will provide you with information such as:
  • Your followers are divided into groups based on their location.
  • A graph of your followers’ activities by day and hour.
  • Gender and age categorization

Using this information, you’ll be able to target the proper audience and post at the optimal moment to increase engagement.

When you plan to post, you can also look at the live section to see how many people are online at that time. Experiment with your timing for a few days, analyzing engagement and sticking to the one that works best.

Get yourself a third-party analytics platform or a dashboard tool if you want to improve your Instagram insights. These tools can help you find more data and make it easier to find it all in one location. To choose the ideal marketing plan, you can compare data from your Instagram insights with crucial business indicators from other platforms.

4. Create Eye-Catching Captions

Another technique to boost engagement among your followers is to write fantastic captions. You can invite user comments to your posts by including a strong call-to-action in each caption.

Make a suitable caption for each post. Write it as if you were speaking to a friend, and make sure it makes the point you want to express. Here are some ideas for different kind of posts that you might include:

  • If you develop material that is extremely relatable, invite users to tag their friends and start a discussion about it.
  • Encourage others to offer their opinions if you’re posting anything controversial.
  • Motivate individuals to ask questions and answer their queries if you’re posting a knowledge-sharing piece.

The following are some examples of captions:

Microblog– You can build a long caption that provides in-depth information on the subject. These subtitles help to create trust and encourage users to share their thoughts.

Tale-based captions— Through the caption, you can express emotions associated to a story and tap into the feelings of the users. These posts are particularly effective on occasions such as Mother’s Day, as they encourage people to respond.

Topical content— Instagram thrives on trends, and nothing beats writing captions about what’s hot right now. Make clever captions or disruptive opinions with puns to get more comments.

Like The Assembly’s post of a rabbit image inviting people to drop an emoji if they relate, you may produce related posts and add descriptions expressly to elicit comments.

5. Organize contests and giveaways

Giveaways have been shown to improve Instagram engagement. According to research, Instagram accounts who run competitions and giveaways can expand their following 70% quicker than the typical account. A giveaway might also bring your brand closer to certain of your followers.

Everyone loves getting free something, especially when it’s something they want! This is why giveaways and contests produce such fantastic results.

Here are a few methods to help you build the perfect giveaway to increase your Instagram account’s comments and activity:

6. Determine the goal.

It’s critical to define the giveaway’s goal before you start arranging the prize and posts. You must define the aims of the offer, whether they are to increase brand recognition, increase Instagram following and engagement, or drive sales.

7. Make the rules.

Define the contest’s regulations after you’ve settled on the goals. One of the rules may be “Comment why you want to win this giveaway, and tag two friends who would connect to it.” Another rule could be “Comment why you want to win this giveaway, and tag two friends who would relate to it.” Remember to be creative with the rules rather than sticking to the standard follow, comment, and share.

8. Choose a method for selecting the winner.

Remember that freebies can be a double-edged sword, satisfying a select few while displeasing a large number of people. Choosing the winner of your contest is crucial in this regard. The option you choose may be determined by the type of assignment you’re assigning.