21 January

New 2022 Instagram Updates That You Should Be Aware Of

New Instagram Updates for 2022 That You Should Be Aware Of

For Businesses And Marketers, New Instagram Updates 2022

Because Instagram is always expanding and changing, at skweezer we've compiled a list of all the latest Instagram changes in 2022 that you should be aware of.

Here we’re listing some of those changes.

So be sure to read that post next if you want further information on any of those upgrades.

Update #1: Instagram is providing people free credit to purchase on their platform. Update #2: Instagram is giving people free credit to shop on their platform.

The first item on our list of Instagram changes for 2022 was a pleasant surprise.

We really came across this while scrolling but were unable to capture a screenshot.

However, it was an Instagram popup offering us $5 or $10 to spend on our favorite Instagram stores.

Another thing we've noticed—and captured on video—is that Instagram is offering customers a 20% discount and free delivery!

This is a screen shot taken from a personal account, not a company account.

This is in line with the recent drive to turn Instagram into a retail platform rather than just a photo and video sharing app.

Update #2: You may now use another Reel to respond to comments on your Reel.

Someone left a remark on one of our team's Reels on her creator account, and Instagram popped up with the message:

"You may now reply to a remark by using a Reel that contains the comment as a sticker."

Your response Reel will be visible in the comment thread as well as wherever else you share Reels."

This format has already been seen on TikTok, so Instagram is following suit.

If you receive a lot of feedback on your reels or get a lot of questions, this might be a terrific way to further engage your audience while also receiving additional visibility.

Update #3: Text-to-speech and voice effects have been added to Reels.

Reels is back on our list of Instagram updates for 2022.

The text to speech function "lies within our text tool in the Reels camera and lets an auto-generated voice to read your content aloud," according to Instagram.

Text to speech allows you to add narration to your Reels without using your own voice, to be more creative, and to add fun and humor."

"A program that lets you to adjust the audio and/or voiceover in your Reel," says Voice Effect.

Update #4: Instagram is now offering Live badges to producers in the United States.

"You may get compensated for the Live content you're generating by activating badges," they offer.

Badges may be purchased in quantities of $0.99, $1.99, and $4.99 by your viewers...

...and as supporters, they'll get a special thank you note and more exposure in your Live."

This feature is now only available to authors in the United States who are 18 or older and have at least 10,000 followers. They must also have a business or creator account.

Finally, they must adhere to Instagram's partner monetization regulations as well as community guidelines.

From your Professional dashboard, you can discover if you're eligible. If you aren't already monetized, you may do so from that page. This feature will not only help you earn some extra cash, but it will also encourage audience engagement.

Before we get into our last Instagram upgrades for 2022, we'd want to remind you that our new social media ad training course is now available.

If you want to improve your social advertising talents, check it out. So now we'll go on to what we believe will be Instagram's most significant upgrade in a long time.

Update #5: The algorithm's chronological order has been restored.

If you were an early Instagram user, you may recall that the posts you saw on your feed were solely determined by the order in which they were published.

A few years ago, it was replaced by an Instagram algorithm that reportedly displays you posts based on your interests.

However, after years of complaints from users, both consumers and company owners, who were dissatisfied with the algorithm...

Despite the high level of response, many of their followers were haven't seen their postings. As a result, this item on our list of Instagram improvements for 2022 might be quite useful for small major corporations.

However, it is vital to emphasize that, according to our understanding, the chronological feed would be an opt-in option for consumers.

As a result, it will be up to the user to decide whether they want to maintain the algorithm as is...

...and choose whether to watch their feed as it has been for the past few years or to view it chronologically.

"The current feed employs AI to build what Instagram calls a more tailored feed, depending on users' activities," according to one report.

As a result, we may see a large number of individuals choose the new chronological version. Next, read this page for additional Instagram algorithm tips.

Otherwise, that's all the Instagram 2022 updates we have for you today, people!

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