07 November 2019

5 Tips for better Instagram success


Let's be honest, a good content wall is key for growth. The myth that you can only be successful with a story and a background story no longer applies. After all, the largest ones on the platform are really not as insightful as people say they are. We at skweezer have set up a list with the five most important tips on how to make your account stand out.

Try to be as consistent as possible

If you subscribe to a magazine, you expect it to come in at the same time every month. With Instagram, you have to see it that way too. A follower is someone who wants to see more of you, the best way you can do that both for the algorithm and for your followers is by continuing to post consistently. The moment that you start to post every day or every week, you will create a pattern for your followers, as a result they will also attach themselves to you and feel like they're really connected to you.

Keep your content specific

It would be a bit odd if the Financial Times which you subscribed to suddenly started posting gossip articles about celebrities in their newspapers. If you, as an owner of an Instagram account, post a photo of your dog one day between ten posts about yourself your followers will find it a bit weird, and might eventually even unfollow you. To prevent this it is essential to think about two things, your account theme, and your niche. For example, if you have a dog food account as a brand, you have animals as a niche and dog food as a theme. With every post or story, you have to pay good attention wether this falls into any of those two things.

** Creating your own community is extremely important! **

Take some time to respond to comments/dm's, it is always nice if the account owner responds to you or at least gets involved with you. By doing this you will not only get back to their notification feed and therefore also to their thoughts. Others see that the account is more active and the algorithm, therefore, will highlight your posts/profile to both followers as well as potential new followers trough the explore feed.

Also visit the surrounding community

Your own community is indeed important, but ultimately you want to grow. Therefore go and look around your competitors and search for possibly related hashtags. People react to photos for which they have a real interest. If you like their photos or comments or even respond to them, you end up in their feed, giving them a chance to view your profile and possibly respond to it or even follow you.

Get started with your competitors

We know it might sound really weird, but in essence, you better turn all your competitors into your friends because they can offer you more good things rather than bad things. Because of course you will always have some overlapping followers, but there are probably many more who do not follow you yet but who are interested in the niche and the theme you are in but might not even know about your account yet. So what might happen is that people will have a look at your content and consider that interesting as well, and with a simple shoutout you have the chance to have large quantities of new followers to follow you and like your media!


So what will you do differentiate yourself? Putting a twist on it can always be a great choice as long as you just stick to these principles. Have any comment regarding this post? Be sure to let us know!