07 March

How to get more Instagram Video Views

Producing and sharing videos on Instagram is one of the more exciting parts of using the platform. Whether it's to keep friends and family updated, promote a product or service, or raise awareness about an issue, a video on Instagram is often one of the best ways to reach an intended audience. However, no matter how good the content posted is, one of the biggest questions any content creator always has is how to get more Instagram Video Views. Below, we'll include some tips and tricks on how to get more Instagram Video Views so your content can skyrocket to the top.

Use the correct proportions

Nothing is worse than trying to see a small, stretched out, or compressed video on Instagram when you are trying to get more Instagram Video Views. Consulting the dimensions for which videos look best on mobile is crucial given than the vast majority of Instagram users use the app from their cellphones. Ensuring the video you create fits these dimensions is essential to increasing your Instagram Video Views. Do not forget to buy Instagram comments for your videos.

Use relevant hashtags

When Instagram users are scrolling according to a topic, they won't know to look at your video unless they follow you, right? Wrong. Using relevant hashtags is a way to insert yourself into the conversation on a particular topic in a meaningful way that can gain you followers in addition to video views. For example, if you want to show off your new birthday cake recipe, you would post your video and include all cake, baking, or birthday related hashtags so you could capture as many people as possible as part of your audience.

Post on stories and groups

Working to give your video exposure also involves hitting the same and different audiences multiple ways. One way to do so is to post your Instagram video on your stories and in groups. This ensures multiple views via multiple channels helping to increase your follower count in the process.

Post at consistent time for your audience

Your followers and potential followers all look forward to content during certain times of the day. Posting consistently during those times is crucial to keep current followers engaged in addition to creating a pace and rhythm that new followers will be able to count on.

Knowing how to get more Instagram Video Views is essential for any content creator. Stay tuned to this page for more information on how to get more Instagram Video Views.

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