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How to get more Instagram Comments in 2022

Instagram Comments are one of the crucial metrics by which many people measure success in engagement on that social media platform. Although Instagram Likes are the first indicator of reach and are often the first thing people look to grow, one of their larger questions is how to get more Instagram Comments. These comments often demonstrate a more engaged or committed audience that shows a potential collaborator or sponsor that you have the ability to successfully promote other products or accounts. Below, we'll detail some tips and tricks on how to get more Instagram Comments. You can also buy Instagram comments from us.

Ask users to comment on your posts

One of the most effective tactics to get more Instagram Comments is to just simply ask. Many followers want to engage with you or your brand but may feel awkward doing so if others are not. Asking for comments is a fun way to get to know your followers and for them to get to know you so you can respond back with more information about you. For example, you can ask your followers to comment on what they like most about a photo, what they would like to see in your next post, or what issue, idea, or product category they'd like to learn more about from your perspective.

Post videos that will elicit comments

Videos that elicit comments don't always have to be daring or risqué. They can be videos where you provide a narrative and then ask for certain opinions or information from your followers in the comments section of your post in order to get more Instagram Comments. For example, a theme park-focused Instagram account could do a socially distant park tour asking throughout the video about followers' favorite rides, best memory of the theme park, what they are looking forward to seeing next, opinion on new construction, and what they would do during a free day in the theme park.

Use hashtags that encourage visibility and commenting

Another way to get more Instagram Comments on your posts that benefit your account is to use hashtags that encourage visibility and commenting. This can help direct or redirect a highly engaged audience to your page so they can comment on the issues or products that you are posting about. For example, using the right amount of hashtags and the correct hashtags to draw a highly engaged audience who will comment on your posts.

Publish at the right time of day

One of the best ways to keep up engagement and encourage more engagement is publishing at a consistent time of day so your followers can look forward to your post. No matter what your page is focused on, publishing consistently will help garner more and more engagement as time goes on because followers will feel more comfortable engaging and more affinity for your brand.

Stay tuned to this page for more information and tips on how to get more Instagram Comments!

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